Cow the methane generator of the world!!!

Methane generated by animals

Methane generated by animals

Our post “Cow-the source of Electricity, Fuel &…” has been the most sought after topic. But today in India people do not know anything about the cow even though India had Krishna who showed us how important cow is in our lives. The vedas have laid down rules how to take care of cow and what to feed them. Unfortunately today people have forgotten it nor do they pay any importance to it and these ignorant people are fully taken advantage of by multi-national companies. Lack of bos indica cattle along with use of chemical fertilizer are the main reason for the suicide of Indian farmers.

Companies prefer to dig thousands of kilometers in the deep… sea or into the earth in search of methane gas rather than use cow dung to create both methane gas and organ fertilizer. How difficult is that?

But instead of trapping the methane produced by cow some International bodies have started blaming the cow for producing methane and the stupid white-Man is now showing Cow as being responsible for global warming when it should be the other way around.

The ancient Indian respected the cow because he believed that the cow played the most important role to balance the ecosystem… at the same time providing milk, oil, fuel and agriculture for his well being.

Its is amazing how people have been kept dumb by not utilizing the biogas/gobar gas for more widespread use than just cooking! People are hardly aware that this is even possible! Forget the use of biogas/gobargas people do not know a) what is a cow? and b) why it is given special status and respected by ancient Indians?

When I talk about cow I talk of Bos Indica which is a domestic animal and not about Bos taurus which is a wild animal. The male of the bos taurus species can never be properly domesticated and is usually castrated early to keep it calm.

When I have personally discussed with farmers that cow can help produce electricity and fuel CNG cars their first reaction is that NO IT CANNOT… but they agree it can produce biogas/gobargas to cook food… not anything more… because they have never seen it!. Many have argued “what cow…cow…cow… even goat/sheep shit can produce biogas and its manure is better and higher grade manure.

Try explaining to both, the educated or the uneducated farmer the complexity of the presence of various good bacteria within the cowdung and urine that are of medicinal purpose. Try telling them that what they have presently is a wild animal and that they do not even have a cow nor have even seen a (Indian) cow nor can they even make out which one is a Zebu breed Indian cow and which one is a humpless cattle.

Not only that even the quantity of the cowdung is almost 3 times more in volume than goat’s droppings after all the goat’s stomach is much smaller than a cow’s stomach.

This dumbing down of people to this level is not sudden or a twist of fate. This has been achieved by planned and systematic approach to destroy agriculture from about 200 years ago and continues even today under laws made by the British which are still unchanged because it benefits those governing the country.

Today most farmers in India do not have a cow, but what they have is a wild animal breed called Jersey or HF. These are not even domestic animal… to know why you have to check out their male of their species and scenes like the below are not uncommon:

Although the female of the Jersey/HF species are little passive even though they get frightened very easily the male species or bulls are uncontrollable. Due to the violent behavior of such Jersey/HF animals the male of the species are compulsorily castrated. This is not the case with Indian Bulls or Cows which can be seen roaming peacefully in the streets.

While in Indian cities you may come across bulls and cows of Indian (Zebu) breed they are not prone to such violence and do not attack traffic or people. Although the Zebu breed can be ferocious and more and dangerous (because it is much more strong & powerful) ONLY if it is under assault or is threatened. That is the difference between what is domestic and what is wild. The strongest bull breed in the world is the Ongle Bull from Andhra Pradesh but it doesnt get violent with people for no reason. The Americans took it and bred it with other Indian cattle to create the Brahman breed also a mighty and huge breed but very domestic and peaceful Zebu. If anybody has seen a photo of a child drinking milk directly from a cow’s udder THAT cow can only be an Indian Zebu breed.

Just like there is slight difference in their physical looks, so also is there difference in their mental, milk, dung and urine properties, as it is between a Zebra and a Horse. They might look similar but THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!!

Jersey/HF animals are not sustainable exactly like the chemical farming is not sustainable and the breeding of broiler chicken. In all three cases the expenses are very high and the output at first hand might look to be superior, but on closer inspection is of inferior quality and even harmful for consumption.

But the common sense of the farmers and people have been blinded by some group of people telling them to buy Jersey/HF cows to get 25Ltrs of milk! These are the very people who are actively involved in profiteering in the trade of Jersey/HF cows. Some of them are Veterinarians, Pharmaceutical companies, Jersey/HF breeders, Insurance Companies, Banks, Slaughterhouses, and some middlemen. They are all well aware that with the Jersey/HF cows the trade cycle keeps moving and the cow makes a neat profit for them in its short lifetime of 5 yrs. While this doesn’t happen with Indian cow because it stays healthy for a long time. Indian cow is called the Doctor for its ability to treat multiple diseases with its milk in humans and the soil with its dung and urine.

Only a fool counts how many liters of milk the cow gives per day instead of the liters it gives in its lifetime. Ideally a cow should live for 20yrs and should give birth to 18 calves. But non of the Jersey cows can be kept alive by the diary industry beyond 5yrs because the by-then it becomes unhealthy and as such animal will become a huge burden on the diary farmer. Thus the diary farmer keeps selling his cow and buys a calf every 3-5yrs . Oh yes there are a few Jersey diary cows that lived for 20yrs and it is so rare that they built a monument for one such cow in Andra Pradesh.

Due to the excessive heat within their body and their tight skin and small ears the Jersey/HF cows are known to not get pregnant easily. On top of that even after delivery 50% of the Jersey/HF calf are known to die prematurely.

Note the following:

1. Almost all Cows if left alone to graze in natural environment are designed to give average of 10ltrs. To get anything above that you have to bend the laws of nature and manipulate the cow to give the milk by inducing unhealthy foods and not giving its calf milk to drink! If you don’t give the calf enough milk it will obviously become weak and unhealthy. This will continue for generations together. Infact you are cutting the very branch you are sitting on.

2. Indian Zebu breed are known to withhold milk and not give excess milk than is required. If it doesnt like you it will not give you milk as simple as that. Some diary farmers try to control the cow by using fear and beating. This will not give desired results.

3. Jersey/HF cows CANNOT control or stop the letdown of the milk. This is a serious flaw that can destroy its health within 3yrs!!! Huge calcium depletion will occur in the animal which you will try to rectify by including in its food by paying from your pocket.

4. Jersey/HF produces inferior “A1” milk linked to the major disease existing today.

5. Zebu breed milk is superior & tasty “A2 milk”, not only in texture and taste but also due to the better way the Human Body digests it. In fact all other milk other than (Indian) cow & goat are harmful for human body.

6. Ayurveda practitioners do not approve Jersey/HF milk.

7. To get the animal to give more milk they are given feed that are injurious to their health in long run. Due to this fact Jersey/HF cows have to be sold to slaughter houses within 5yrs of age. It is at a time the cow starts to give the optimum amount of milk. But due to the excess 15Ltrs given by it every day for the past 5 yrs has destroyed its health so much that sometimes it cannot even stand on its legs after 3yrs. To make it even stand up it has to be given a huge list of vitamins and minerals which is incorporated in the feed called TMR.

8. Never ever give anything else than grass to the cow. The best quality milk is got from grass fed cows.

9. Keep the animal in the field under shade than the cowshed during sunlight hours. You may or may not keep it in cowshed. Keep moving the cow every day from tree to tree in a planned manner. Never keep in same place till next month.

10 Never try to have cows if you do not have similar space. 3 Cows need at least one acre. Always have atleast one bull. If you cant afford the bull then it is obvious that you cannot afford the cows. The government must make this a rule.

That Agent for British who goes by the name of Verghese sucker Kurian has almost successfully made the Zebu Breed extinct in his home state of Kerala in India. Of course there exist the Vechur Cow but obviously it has been cross-breeded with Jersey/HF cow that it do not any longer have any resemblance to the Indian Zebu Breed. If your ayurvedic medicines are not getting you the required benefits then you can squarely blame it on the loss of Zebu breed characteristics of the Vechur Cow. One property that sticks out of the Vechur Cow is its rear leg that resembles the Jersey/HF variety more than the local breed.

Who in their right minds would cross breed animals? Nobody breeds a German Shepherd with a Bulldog to get a tall tough looking dog! Neither does anybody breed a Hound dog with a Pomeranian to get a fluffy furred tall dog with a loud bark and long legs! Breeds are kept as pure as possible and the purest breed is priced the highest. This was not the case with Verghese sucker Kurian.

So today the Indian farmer do not get the Zebu cow’s urine on his farm to treat any disease the soil might have developed. Even if he gets the urine it is usually collected over couple of days and it has lost its property and become stale. The dungs are also collected in heap. No fresh urine or dungs of the cow falls on the farm as all the cow are tied up like a dog and kept in the cowshed. Then the farmer says our farm is become unhealthy and crops are getting diseases.

Things have come to such a head that completely worthless dry cow dung especially that of Jersey/HF breed is bought and sold as a standard practice in the Diary Industry. First of all Jersey/HF animal dung & urine is completely worthless because it lacks the required number of bacteria in it! Ok not completely worthless but the dry dung cakes can be used as firewood replacement to light fire or to cook food! But ANY Dung once dry has completely lost its nourishment content as the live good-bacteria in it has died out and cannot work anymore on the dung. It is like putting salt in curds as the salt kills the good-bacteria in the curd.

The diary farmers are drilled and brainwashed by cattle-feed industry to give supplement and not ONLY GRASS to cow as they need more than just that… again for more milk. These companies pay and market for their feed to be promoted at Diary institutes. So now instead of the free and excess grass in his and neighbors farm he pays from his pocket to buy company feed for his diary cattle… The calves are sold off at the earliest the very next day they are born as in the video below:

Oh yes today in all diary farm labor is needed to bring the Water Tank/body & Field to the cow instead of putting the cow on the field near its water tank/body. And before the grass is given to the cow it has to be chopped… again by the laborer. Also cleaning of cowshed because the cow was not kept in the fields in open environment. In trying to control the animal we have turned ourselves into its slave and into a labor intensive industry. All this is great for the Milk processing companies like Amul and slaughter houses because today they dominate and control the diary farmers, their milk and its price.

Be careful NO MILK FROM THE JERSEY/HF Diary Industry IN THE WORLD is safe from some or other kind of infection. Most of these Jeresey/HF cows are unclean… because of the conditions they are bred and kept… even in the best diary farms in the US or Europe. Take any video… the front of the cow will be clean but the rear legs would be full of dung… so how can the udder be clean? Many of them become ill as they are easy to disease unlike zebu. These infected cattle is given some antibiotics. Some have pus oozing from their udder. Since all the milk travels through the same pipeline and milk tank the entire lot of milk gets infected. The bigger the diary the greater the infection. That is why all Diary Milk HAS TO BE PASTEURIZED to kill any infection therein. This pasteurized cannot be processed by the human body…and thus this has been termed “lactose intolerance”. Pasteurization kills the nutritions in the milk . There neither good nor bad bacteria in it! An experiment was carried to feed a calf, pasteurized milk. And during that period the calf did not put on any weight whereas it needs to put on at least 1kg per day.

If you examine it closely you will realize that the stalls for the cowshed, the milking parlours and killing the animals are nothing but an extract from the Nazi Concentration camps. The Psychology, the coldness and the morbidity and the thought process is the same. The slaughter houses are so designed so as to trick the animal that they feel the are going to be let out soon. There it was the Jews… here it is the cattle. It is indeed shameful that India as a country that is built on the main belief of Hinduism & Jainism that animals should be protected BECAUSE WE NEED THEM to help keep the ecosystem in balance. Its shocking to see that Dogs in India cannot be killed but Cows can be killed…. In spite of our intimate knowledge that killing cows will inversely affect Agriculture output. If there are anybody who want to kill cattle for food he may take the cattle home and kill it. If is is some community’s requirement then they can buy it as a community and kill it and then distribute its meat among their people. WHY HAVE A WHOLE INDUSTRY dedicated to the cause where less than 40% of the population (Muslims+Christians+Others+Some Hindus themselves) consume it!

Here is the story of Allan Savory who in his silly attempt to save the forest shot and killed 40,000 elephants before realizing that it was the herbivorous animals that really created the forests and man had no part in that:

If banning the Slaughter industry then India could loose the leather Industry market… so be it…The leather industry is already reeling under the Chinese-effect of fake leather and the market will always be declining. But this fall of leather industry wouldn’t make a difference as the agriculture output and the improvement in soil will absorb those displaced from the slaughter industry. It will be same as in the case of the Rubber Industry where the rubber tree cultivators are currently left unemployed because of the low price of rubber due to the import of leather from low labour asian countries. Infact all asian countries have lower cost of labour than India.

With selective breeding of the Indian cow and the development of the biogas locally the methane gas industry can take off and it will generate huge employment and create a multiplier effect on the economy as a whole.

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