Statistics so far… in 2016

Just checked out the statistics for year 2016 and the results are interesting. First of all its so amazing to see the blog getting hits from all over the world of which top 9 are listed below. But what is interesting is that top search were “Cow producing Electricity via biogas”, then Nano GenX and third Ather Scooter Vs Gogoro Scooter. Hero Motor’s Trike “the special ability scooter for the handicapped” came 4th while the Hero Motor’s “Best scooter in the world for Rs 30,000” came 6th. This suggest that there is a lot of demand and interest for special ability scooters or trikes.

Most searched posts for 2016

Most searched posts for 2016

Another interesting fact that comes to light is that the list of countries also shows the amount of interest and the actual grassroots development that is going on in the field of Green-Energy implementation either by way of infrastructure or by way of actual penetration of Electric Vehicles in these countries. Interestingly China is nowhere in the list possibly because English is not a big favorite as a language of the Chinese on the Internet, where they usually prefer Chinese language. Another fact is that the Chinese searches are possibly “controlled” to throw up local websites rather than foreign websites especially Indian.

Most searches carried out in the above countries

Most searches came from the above countries

The surprise country in the list is… Qatar which is just starting out on the Green-Energy road. A lot of new buildings in the country are being built to incorporate some of the best green-principles. This is one country in the list which has the potential to overtake others in the list to become 100% green-energy compliant. Even today in a desert country like Qatar the places of greenery are the houses of Qataris which are surrounded by various types of plants and trees and almost all of them have farmhouses where farming happens 6 months of the year without much government support. Many of them have started to incorporate LED lights for indoor, external lights and even street lights and road signals. There are also quite a few wind turbines and it would not be any surprise if Qatar increases Wind and Solar Energy exponentially in the next 5 yrs building towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosting. Right now Germany from the above list is far ahead in the race to 100% green energy.

The arrival of Ather Energy has generated great interest in Green Energy and has has India topping the list. There are also a lot of engineering students who are searching for green and clean solutions to local and problems. In the year 2017… three… good… Indian made electric 2-wheelers are going on sale and thousands hit the roads. When this happens more people are going to wakeup and get interested.

India already has Kochi Airport that is completely powered by Solar but none of the houses in Kerala are powered by Solar…come to think of it… Kerala a tiny state in India already has a working model in its Airport… so rooftop solar in Kerala is a huge virgin market for any body to tap and there is no industry leader other than SuKam which seem happy to stick to being an inverter company.

With 2 good electric cars already out and 3 electric bikes coming the year 2017 is going to be one electric one!!!


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