NAAM Foundation turning Maharashtra green

NAAM foundation was started by Nana Patekar and Makarand Anaspure in September 2015, after devastating conditions of drought & the stories of agony of the farmers affected by the drought in Maharashtra.

Today that part of Maharashtra is almost as green as the Konkan… superb work started by just 2 people. What is the government doing? Sleeping or just saying we are just better than Congress? If 2 people can achieve so much can’t the Indian Government a much bigger entity with much larger funds do anything even similar?

Following projects have been initiated, monitored & progressed by NAAM.

  • 1: Water conservation projects to make villages 100% water sufficient thereby improve economic conditions & standard of living.
  • 2: Garbage & waste water management.
  • 3: Sanitary infrastructure – toilets to all, drainage etc.
  • 4: RO plants for drinking water.
  • 5: Houses for the people below poverty line families.
  • 6: Tree plantation.
  • 7: Village De addiction.
  • 8: Community & group farming.
  • 9: Village cleaning.
  • 10: Education.
  • 11: Employment Generation.
  • 12: Women groups, gram sabha & local committees are formed to monitor progress of the initiatives taken by NAAM

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