Which is the best Meru/Ola/Uber Car?

How technology is changing India!

10 yrs ago if you had arrived in any Indian city, village or desert the most fearful thought on a persons mind would have to be how to deal with the Taxi-mafia guy who will walk up to you and try to take you for a “ride” literally to have you pay the maximum fare from your pocket. Either their meter was tampered or the tariff card was tampered, sometimes they would ask much more than that is necessary and for this they could give any reason from “no return fare” to “there is no other taxi around”. This was not a single-person-fraud… but in this the police, at railway stations the station masters and even the Trade Unions too would get their cut. These money trail used to run up the govt hierarchy…there were many people involved in it like any corrupt govt. offices.


Old per-histroic taxi of Mumbai

How these taxies operated was kind of like a mafia. Nothing or nobody could… do anything about it. If the taxi meters were modernized then the Unions would go on strike if the rates were lowered the taxi drivers would go on strikes. There used to be Quotas for getting taxis… which were manipulated periodically by the government to make money….meaning everything was controlled and corrupt. Those were the days of the “yellow top” Fiat taxies in Mumbai.


Then one fine day came Meru the call-taxi where you could dial a number and book a taxi and you would have a gentleman driver who would take you around where ever you wanted to go. They had modern Airconditioned cars and their fares were competitive too. The Taxi-fares became competitive because they ditched petrol and switched to CNG big time. The profit for them too was almost double because of CNG!

Today there are 101 call cabs in most cities in India… and they have moved from booking on phones… to booking on smartphones via apps and you can watch the cab driving down your lane in the app map. Today catching a taxi in most parts of the country is so easy that it makes more sense to travel by a call-taxi like Meru, Ola and Uber than buying and driving your own car.


The best Meru/Ola/Uber cab is the Electric Car… zero refueling cost or time wasted!!!

So the technology moved from booking via phone to smartphone and from petrol to CNG. Today as we write on the blog the technology is again changing… now instead of CNG Taxi they will be moving to Electric-Taxi where the refueling cost will be ZERO!!!

Most call taxi drivers of Meru, Ola and Uber are young, tech savy and GPS-literate. These guys are connected on the internet data 24 x 7. These guys are searching for more ways to lower their cost. Its just a matter of time before these guys find out that Electric-Taxi has much more advantages than Petrol or CNG-Taxies.


Electric-Verito the 4 door & boot car… the perfect Meru/Ola/Uber car!!!

Why switching to Electric car like E2O and E-Verito make more sense for the owner and driver:

1. No Clutch. Driving is easy.

2. Most drivers run around 100 to 200kms per weekday almost same range as Electric cars. And on weekends when they need to cover an extra 100kms they can quick-recharge in 1 hour during break-time to easily achieve that.

3. There is zero fuel cost!

4. “Refueling” can be done at home or while they wait their next “pickup”.

5. Zero maintenance cost.

6. The car doesnt age as much as a petrol/diesel car as the petrol/diesel car engine degrades and becomes scrap in 5yrs if done over 100km daily but the EV is good to go as long the battery is changed. EV Taxi could be as good even after 25yrs!!!

7. The biggest reason to shift to Electric is there will be a ban on Diesel & Petrol in India as the world has pledged to ban these along with coal. So in 10 yrs time there will be no takers for your car nor will you be able to use it because of the ban. DIESEL CARS NO LONGER MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

8. No wasting time standing in Petrol or CNG refueling queue!!! This is a huge problem with CNG than Petrol because the CNG tank is much smaller than the petrol tank although the average of CNG-mileage is more.

9. People will always prefer to travel in an electric car than petrol because of novelty!!!


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