Lets do a Surgical Strike on Chinese products

14 October 2016

Recently Indian army carried out Surgical Strike against Pakistan… now its time for us the citizens to do a surgical strike against the Chinese products… do you have it in you?

Boycott Chinese Goods

Boycott Chinese Goods

Finally the cover has been blown on Chinese support to Terrorist and… it is quite possible possibly Masood Azar is just the tip of the iceberg and there might be many such people and arms that is of strategic importance to China. Possibly China is doing this to keep India busy with internal conflicts.

Masood Azhar Not A Terrorist certifies China After Blocking UN Ban On Him. This guy was so important that a plane full of passengers had to be hijacked to get his release from Indian Govt.

Masood Azhar Not A Terrorist certifies China After Blocking UN Ban On Him. This guy was so important that a plane full of passengers had to be hijacked to get his release from Indian Govt.

Whatever the Chinese reason its intention has been revealed by its overt protection of Masood Azar. Probably he is the no.1 man for China and to protect him China has made it clear that it can take PANGA with India. This could also be the real reason that China has been opposing India’s NSG bid. To get this Masood Azar released from Indian prison terrorists had hijacked a plane full of passengers to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

China kills even a child

China rules by terror… and kills even a child… the picture of the kid with blown off head was too gruesome to post here… China sure is a sad place to live 😦

So the next time you lay your hands on Chinese product you can either say to yourself that you don’t mind our soldiers, children and women being blown up, go ahead and buy the product OR you can pick up a similar Indian, Taiwan, Japanese, European or USA product. Of course most of the Chinese do not have an alternative because in the last decade the Chinese products have killed off most of its competitor businesses from other countries.

China's Grip on Asia

China’s Grip on Asia

China has been dumping third-rate products all over the world and no country has taken it seriously or did anything about it. Its time the Indian population show what it is capable of… after all its all about numbers… there is the Chinese, Indians and the rest of the world… that is how huge we are and WE CAN MAKE AN IMPACT and bring the Chinese down on its knees with our purchasing power that exist in our huge numbers. Something that even the Americans cannot do… with or without military.

In fact Americans are the most affected due to China’s manipulating its currency to destroy not only American industry but industries all over the world. Chinese products are not second rate… they are third rate… meaning products made anywhere else would be better than the Chinese version of it.

In fact most of the Chinese products are crap anyway and have to be replace within one or two year. So let us look at which products can be replaced?

  1. TOYS: Today almost all the toys sold in the market are Chinese. Take an effort to search for outlets that stock & sell Indian toys. Ask the shopkeeper WHY? Talk politely to the shopkeeper and ask if he is not ashamed to sell Chinese stuff. If all his customers walk out without buying after asking him WHY he will be forced to stock and sell Indian toys. This will increase Indian business and provide employment to Indian people engaged in Toy making business. Indian toy market is estimated to be around Rs 10,000 crore, out of which only Rs 2,500 crore is contributed by the domestic players. Rest is mostly coming from China. It is affecting the domestic manufacturers and we want a level playing field,” says the Toy Association of India (TAI) President Raj Kumar. India employs around 30 lakh workers in toy manufacturing business, out of which 70 percent are women.One of the more famous made in India toy brands is Funskool, another is WoodenToys  there are many more in this list http://tai-india.org/members/memberdetail/13
How to Identify China on the Barcode

How to Identify China on the Barcode

Flintobox is another made in India and my personal favorite “educational activity-toys” for children. I buy it for my kids and can personally vouch for it. Based on a monthly theme, the company makes toy resources for Early Child Development on a monthly basis. The company follows a subscription  model and delivers the boxes straight to a child’s doorstep. As most Chinese toys are aimed for below 6yrs kids Flintobox is a perfect replacement that gives a child toys in a box every month. The kids can assemble, paint or craft the stuff and create toys or activities or games which also improves the kids’ creative side. This can be booked online and the toys will reach the kids by courier. It can also be gifted to friends and relatives for their kids and the kids would really love them.

Amazon India has a huge list of Made-In-India Toys and also FlipKart.

If you cannot find any that suits your budget… just give the kids an empty cardboard carton box… the bigger the better… The kids are great at making up imaginative stuff out of it. For heaven sake stop buying that Chinese remote controlled car…

China claiming borders

China claiming borders

2. Cycles: Another area dominated by China are Chinese cycles which look real cool and there are a huge number of design while the Indian cycle scene is somewhat boring but still Indian cycles are well made, economically priced and last long.

List of our Indian Cycles are:

  • Hero
  • BSA
  • Atlas
  • Hercules
  • Firefox

3. Smartphones & Tablets: This is a sector that can hit China the hardest. Indian Air Force, USA & Russia have all routinely complained that Chinese are using their embedded chips for spying. Xiaomi was the last one to be pointed a finger at.

It is very easy for a Chinese military algorithm to triangulate the Chinese smartphone ID which are using Indian SIM cards and use GPS signals to pinpoint Indian soldiers or people using Chinese smartphone along the border.

At least in smartphones there is absolutely no excuse as there are many Indian products like MicroMax, Lava, Karbonn that can match and even outclass Chinese products in features. Even in price it is very close to the Chinese counterpart. Avoid Samsung & iPhone until it is made in India. iPhone is way too expensive for its features and Samsung version of Android is crap anyway…

Plus they are copying all your data (Phone Nos, Contacts, Messages, Passwords, emails, credit card details, photos & video clips) to cloud. Now “cloud” is a group of servers based (for Chinese companies) in China and not in the sky.

Chinese Smart Phone brands to avoid

Chinese Smart Phone brands to avoid

Gionee - Made in China... to spy on your country...

Gionee – Made in China… to spy on your country…AVOID IT AT ALL COST


Avoid the following brands which are made in China:

  • Alcatel,
  • Coolpad,
  • Gionee (this one is trying to expand hugely in India and has Alia Bhatt as its brand ambassador. With the kind of money it has spent to advertise there is a possibility that this company is a Chinese Govt covert company),
  • Huawei (crap name…cant even pronounce properly),
  • Lenovo,
  • OnePlus,
  • Oppo,
  • TechnoMobile,
  • Xiaomi (IAF had specifically instructed their personnel AND their FAMILIES not to carry this company’s smartphones)
  • ZTE
Indian Smart Phone Brands to buy

Indian Smart Phone Brands to buy

4. Fire-Crackers: On 8th October, 2016, a village court at Obra panchayat in Aurangabad, Bihar banned all Chinese goods from being bought or sold in the region in the wake of China’s support of Pakistan on the recent Uri attack. The gram kachahri has also branded China an enemy for its stance on Pakistan (and Kashmir) and passed a consensus-based provision that will see people punished in case they are found violating this order.

The district administration in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh has placed a ban on importing firecrackers from other countries. The decision has come after a notification provided by Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization (PESO) on 27th September. In fact, the District Collector has also provided orders to each and every police officer and Executive Magistrate to check various shops and go-downs of firecrackers to make sure that they are not keeping any such stuff in a clandestine manner.

The Delhi Government (AAP Party), too, has stated that it will work hard to make sure that a ban on the sale of firecrackers from China is properly imposed during the upcoming festive season. It has also admitted its previous failure in imposing the ban properly and preventing the sale of these products in spite of restrictions placed on them.

Where is BJP & RSS so called nationalistic party on this issue? They keep saying they cannot do anything because of GATT/WTO. Then get out of WTO because everybody is getting a raw deal from China. Donald Trump has been very vocal on USA getting a raw deal from China due to WTO and he has promised to walk out of WTO if he wins.

Avoid Chinese decorative lightning

Avoid Chinese decorative lightning… use earthen lamps with desi ghee. It is said that 10 gms. of desi cow ghee used in fire sacrifice produces one ton of oxygen. (click image for link)

5. Decorative Lighting: Chinese lighting and decorative items are used in almost every household during Diwali. They say last year the business in such products was around Rs 25 crore, and this year their business could take a hit by nearly 75% if the growing trend to boycott Chinese products continues.


Use earthen lamps instead: Use simple mud lamps. Use cow-ghee instead of oil. If ghee is very expensive use just one lamp instead of 100… but do it the authentic way. Lamp with Ghee (clarified butter) is more sattvik (spiritually pure or complete/wholesome) as compared to lamp in which oil is used. It also purifies the air.

A very beneficial daily practice is to meditate upon a ghee lamp flame without blinking. The ghee made out of cow’s milk actually draws in sattvic frequencies to calm our mind. This type of meditation allows us to reflect on our inner radiance. It clears our vision. In fact, in Ayurveda one is advised to gaze at this flame for 2 or 3 minutes to physically strengthen and clean the eyes.

6. Indian Kitchen Brands:

Make sure you buy clay or stainless steel utensils in the kitchen and completely avoid Aluminum altogether as aluminum is unhealthy. Most of the stainless steel utensils are made in India. Then there are brands like Hawkins, Milton, Prestige, Onida, Godrej, Bajaj, Videocon, etc.

7. Car Tyres: Chinese tires are dangerous because they skid on sudden braking. It seems the cheaper compound gives way during sudden braking and the car doesn’t stop where it is required to stop and skids at least a few feet. Many people say the tires blow off… no they dont that part is quite exaggerated. If you cannot find Indian tires you can use Thailand tires which are equivalent in price and quality.

Chinese tires are prone to skidding... avoid it... buy Indian or Thailand tires

Chinese tires are prone to skidding… avoid it… buy Indian or Thailand tires

Dont feed the dragon... starve it till it bows

Don’t feed the dragon… starve it till it falls

If even 30% of Indians stop using the above 5 Chinese products then the impact on the Chinese economy will be huge. More so because the China’s economy is shrinking.

If countries who have been done in by China join in to refuse to buy Chinese products it can be taught a lesson. Some of the countries abused by China are USA, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Thus by striking with surgical precision at the heart of the dragon it can be slayed!!!


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