Mahindra Electric Supro Cargo Van & MUV

15 October 2016

The above is a TV Advertisment of Diesel model. The e-Surpo is largely identical to the diesel-powered Supro. At the tape, it is 3,798 mm in length, 1,540 mm in width, 1,922 mm in height, has a wheelbase of 1,950 mm, and has 155/80-R13 tubeless tires.

Mahindra Electric Supro - for the whole family.

Mahindra Electric Supro – for the whole family.

It is released as a Cargo Van and a 8 seater Passenger Vehicle. The 8 Seater passenger vehicle is just perfect for Taxies like Meru, Ola and Uber. This vehicle has… almost zero maintenance cost except for changing tires and brake pads. The battery has to be changed once in 5 yrs. People the world over prefer electric vehicles for their lowest cost.


Mahindra Supra Seating (diesel model)

Buying a Diesel & Petrol vehicles no longer makes sense because it is sure to be banned in near future (year 2025). So electric vehicles make perfect sense for family and business purpose. It has good luggage space additionally a huge long roof-rack can be installed just in case to carry more luggage.

Mahindra Electric Supro - Interior

Mahindra Electric Supro – Interior

It has a range of 112 Kms and a top speed of 60kmph and takes 8 hours to recharge fully…. meaning once its completed 100kms by 10AM it ready to do a second run by 6PM and then again for a third run by 6AM!!! If this 300kms were covered by diesel vehicle then it would have required 13 Ltrs of diesel @ Rs 58 per ltr (Oct 2016) which would total to Rs754 per day…. which is about 7,600 kms in a month and Rs 19,604 saved in running cost in a month (Rs 754 x 26 days). Not a extra dime has to be spent for any maintenance or service minimum of which is around Rs 5,000. Diesel vehicles have higher maintenance costs too. Thus Electric-Supro saves a minimum of Rs 25,000 per month.

Most Meru, Ola & Uber drivers do not drive more than 300kms per day so this vehicle is perfect for them!!!




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