Indians will ban cricket with Pakistan… but never with China…Why?

It doesn’t matter much to Indians that china is helping, supporting and financing terrorism in India.

Indians prefer to pass the blame to the government…”whyee the govt is not taking action?”

The government prefer to pass the responsibility to the people. Just like Swatch Bharat was citizen’s problem and responsibility and so extra tax was needed although municipality is sleeping,

Crop insurance became farmer’s responsibility… Govt cleverly instructed the farmers to insure their own crops instead of coming to the Government to claim damages.

…now banning Chinese  products are the citizen’s responsibility. HOW CONVENIENT…

Its time Indian women start pointing it out to our men to stop buying Chinese… just like my wife pointed it out to me… although I was never a fan of their products since 5yrs ago after our microwave oven got spoilt because of a poor quality chinese electric socket adapter.

Wake up and smell the coffee dude…every single penny paid for that silly crap Chinese product…helps them to build bombs that they will use against you and your family… if you don’t understand a sentence as simple as that… no use reading further…

Indians hardly think of China as an enemy. This is quite unlike Hong Kong where the distaste at the sight of Indians is clearly evident in the demeanor of the Chinese settled there.

Indians get pissed off with a tiny country like Pakistan… but never with China…

Indians will ban things like cricket matches with Pakistan… protest against their actors working in India, protest against our Actors speaking their minds… But all this while they keep doing business with China who help, finance, aid and train Pakistan manage terrorism and possibly China is also helping ISIS because it has financially weaker and corrupt countries as its neighbors and China itself can act as a corridor.

Is it because we do not play Cricket with China?… is it that?… this protest against Pakistan and  no protest against China has always intrigued me.

China is a country  that has… planned to dominate the world. USA took about 75 yrs with ample natural resources to build itself into what it is and China destroyed USA financially within the last 10 yrs. Other countries do not stand a chance against it.

China is a country that started a war with India and grabbed huge parts of India… and claims Indian land. If these lost & claimed land area is added up it would be almost as big as Pakistan… China managed to do all this after tricking India into complacency with their “Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai”. The fact the these words are in Hindi and not in chinese makes it evident that the slogan was coined to trick India. Even today there are FOOLS who believe this.

Why are we such a complacent lot? 😦

China is a HUGE THREAT to India as they regularly keep trying to grab more Indian land. They do this to almost all their neighbors.

Like an alcohol addict just for a difference of a few rupees makes us buy Chinese again and again? Its understandable where there is no choice. But what where there are choices? Like Smart-phones? Toys? Car Tires? Firecrackers? Ghee-Earthen-Lamps which are completely non-toxic and renewable/recycleable? Mosquito Bat? The Indian made mosquito bats are of better quality and last a long time. But do we take time & effort to find such goods?

Today they are bringing in harmful agricultural goods too… to sell it to us and put our health at stake. But we still to save our money by buying Chinese products

Exactly like the times when Jhansi ki Rani was fighting on horseback for the freedom of Jhansi… the Scindia family was scheming to increase their money and power if they managed to kill Jhansi ki Rani. So they sided with the British and helped kill Jhansi ki Rani Laxmibai, Tatya Tope, Nana Sahib Peshwa and Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Actually the Sepoy Mutiny was not a small thing that the British would have us believe… it was such a major event that it kicked or rather murdered every single East India Company soilder & his family in those areas. A company that schemed, ticked, preyed, hunted and killed many great Indian Kings and established over 100 yrs was kicked out overnight when common Indian people got were pissed off. The Sepoy Mutiny too were started by Indian women when they told their men why they don’t take action against the British.

Personally I have always consciously preferred Indian products OVER ANY OTHER. Where there is no corresponding Indian product I prefer other country product but not Chinese. Like for Car tires in Qatar if there are no Indian ones available I prefer Thailand tires which are equivalent in price and quality to Indian ones. Thailand tires are double the cost of the Chinese ones. Once I tired a set of Chinese tyres…they were of so inferior quality that the car skidded a few meters when I applied the brakes. It almost ended in a frontal crash which could have destroyed my car engine and would have cost me half the cost of the car.It was the only set of tires that I skidded on in over 10 yrs and 172,000kms of driving.

So if people talk of banning cricket and they should also start avoiding Chinese products.


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