The Rs150 lakh Ashok Leyland joke called “Circuit”

150 lakh Ashok Leyland joke called Circuit… don’t know if they pulled the name right out of Munnabhai MBBS movie.

Image result for circuit dialouges from munnabhai

The things people do in the name of Electric vehicles, clean and green energy. Just like Kodak tried to stay in the game by meddling in copy machines Ashok Leyland tried to jump the curve by buying a electric bus company called Optare in the UK.

Any Indian company that invest in Europe has seen red… even if they are the top companies in the world. Be it Suzlon… be it Tata Motors… be it Tata Steel… be it Amtek Auto… all have seen losses and had to sell those investments… not because of economics but because of “gamesmanship” which is a new word for cheating.

Why would Indian company buy UK technology and try to sell it in India??!!?? Make the bus and try to sell in UK… they bloody well cannot do it so try the govt to buy their stuff…

If you are still gaging for the numbers its almost identical to what one hears about li-ion vehicles 120kms range, 3 hrs charging time 75kmph top speed. The bus can carry about 30 (sitting) to 60 passengers.

The bus will cost between 1.5 Crore to 3.5 Crore…

All I have to say is give one finger salute… _l_ for the visionaries and the makers of this vehicle.

Speedways - Indian Company - AC Electric Bus for Rs 20 Lakh

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