E2O Plus… aka… the 4-door version

Finally we have an EV that  resembles a normal car in looks. Earlier our innovation was the Nano which hand almost no nose (bonnet)… then the E20 without or with a small rear… now finally we have a car that is “proportionate” or balanced in appearance and thus appealing to the eye.


It will be available in 2 variants ranging from… ₹ 5.46 lakh – ₹ 8.46 lakh. Which makes the 8-seater e-supro priced at 8.45lakh look more attractive!!! (because it has double the seating space at the same price and more luggage space) Mahindra claims that the cabin space of the e20+ car has increased 150 litres. It is available as P4, P6, P8 models with P4 & P6 are the lower variants with slight variations.


The length of the E2O Plus car has increased by 310 mm to 3590 mm and the wheelbase increased by 300 mm at 2258mm. Ground clearance is 170mm. And the best part is it has bigger 14 inch wheels for both variants :-). Now how many small cars have 14inch wheels?? This increase in wheelbase and 1 inch bigger wheel size would provide better riding comfort than the earlier E2O.


The top variant P8 variant gets a new 3 phase induction motor which is more powerful with 40bhp and 91Nm torque. It also gets an increased driving range of 140km with a top-speed of 85Km/h. The lower variant gets 110km range which is not bad. But if you are gonna buy a car for your family which will last you 25yrs better buy the top variant!!!


Charging time is 6hrs for the lower variant and 9hrs for the top variant which is not bad at all as you will be charging either at home after work or during work hrs. Both variants have quick charge feature which will require a 10 KW 3 Phase 32 Amp charger possibly available at Mahindra charging outlet. With the quick charge the lower variant needs just 75 minutes while the top variants needs 90minutes… as quick and easy as charging your phone!!!


The range of 140kms when combined with 90min quick charging would make it possible to drive from Mumbai to Goa in 15 hours if Mahindra have the good sense to install just 8  charging stations (4 on one side of the road and 4 on the other). This wold make the cost of 4 people traveling Mumbai to Goa for just Rs 450 if charging rate is Rs100/hr.


….and the whole beauty of traveling Mumbai to Goa or back is by the road… stopping to take in the visuals, click a few pictures, taste good spicy seafood and shack up overnight… you haven’t traveled in India if you haven’t done Mumbai to Goa by road!!! (avoid heavy monsoon period and don’t drive after sunset are the thumb rule to Road travels in India… of course never brake traffic rules)

Both variants come with a warranty for 3yrs or 60,000kms (whichever comes first).

Mahindra E2O Plus Spec Sheet

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