Cyrus Mistry wanted to murder Tata Nano

If you can read the news lines and then read between the lines it is becoming very obvious by the day that the whole matter was that of Cyrus Vs Tata Nano.

He had not solutions to revive nor did he want an Electric variant… all he wanted was the Tata Nano project to be shelved… closed and murdered…

The car had put India on the map of the Automobile world… and that mystery man wanted to remove it from there.

Mistry, in his letter to Tata Sons board members had said that for Tata Motors to make a turnaround, Nano needed to be shut down as it had reached a peak loss of Rs 1,000 crore.

Even Auto industry veteran and Maruti Suzuki India Chairman RC Bhargava said Ratan Tata needs to be given credit for attempting to offer an affordable car to the masses through Nano something that even his company could not do or visualize.

Indian is surely blessed to have people like Ratan Tata… if there ever were sages who lived in India thousands of years ago…. they surely would have been like Ratan Tata and APJ Abdul Kalam who dedicated their entire life to pursue excellence.




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