E2O Plus vs E-Verito vs E-Supro

Mirror, mirror on the wall which is the best electric car of them all?


E2O Plus (P8) vs E-Verito vs E-Supro

Now that India has an electric car in 3 distinct category (subcompact, mid-size and commercial) its time to see which car is best suited for you. This is because each car is targeted at… a different individual.

The e-Verito is targeted at the people who drive (Corolla/Lancer/Civic/Tiida sedans) possibly daily to work.Driving below 50kms daily fuel cost are no big deal for him. This is the guy who would have flown business class. This car is also a boon for the upcoming models/actors/sports-people etc who are getting popular as they do not have to drive to local petrol pumps to refuel as they can charge the car at home.

The E2O+ (P8) is targeted at the middle class small family of 4 (hum do… hamare do) who use the car sometimes to office but mostly to run errands, catch a movie or dine out with wife & kids on lazy weekends. This is the guy who dreams of flying business class. It is also the best small car to attach with Meru/Uber/Ola.

Similarly the E-Supro is a workhorse that is targeted the smalltime neighborhood businessman who is in the transportation (taxi) or cargo/courier business. Typically his car would be doing a mileage of 100kms per day minimum. This guy would also have at least 6 people in his house either 4+ kids or 2 grandparents or relatives. This vehicle is such a boon for him that just buying this vehicle will help him save Rs 12,000 every month (and Rs144,000/yr) on fuel cost considering he buys around 200 ltrs of petrol/diesel every month. Meaning he can buy a new e-supro every 5yr from just the money saved on fuel cost. He would also get depreciation (10% of the cost of the vehicle can be shown as “expense” for 10 yrs in his account books which will help him save (Rs85,000 per yr) on tax. HE STANDS TO GAIN THE MOST FROM THIS VEHICLE. He saves around 12,000+7073 = Rs 19,083 per month. (85,000/12=7083).And Mahindra has targeted this guy as the “paplu”… instead of loading this vehicle with the maximum comfort and utilities it is unclear whether this vehicle even has air-conditioner… forget about the subcompact car sized-wheels, no sat-nav and no reversing camera. This is a guy who will ALWAYS fly economy even if he can afford to fly business class… every single time. Even if his driver is driving the vehicle making deliveries the air conditioned & comfortable interior would improve the working environment thereby increasing productivity.

E2O+ vs E-Verito vs e-Supro.png

E2O+ vs E-Verito vs E-Supro-2.png


The winner is YOU… for you have a variety to choose from and and all 3 are equally good. Score-wise its actually a tie between E2O Plus, E-Supro & E-Verito with each car scoring exactly 5 out of 16.

The highlight of E2O+ is its 140km range which comes in handy if you travel long distance or inter-state. This is one car that has finally punched the large Indian inter-state distance barrier. E2O plus also is the best car to attach with Meru/Uber/OLA business because of its zero cost and it can quickly recharge to full over a 90 minute lunch!!! This car has the potential to run 420kms with just 2 quick charge sessions or 560kms in 3 quick charge sessions which will cost around Rs 300 to Rs 400 which is dirt cheap!!!

If there is Air conditioning inside the e-Supro then it should have been the winner because of its sheer passenger AND luggage carrying capacity.

Mahindra should in fact redesign the e-Supro with bigger 16 inch wheels and much longer wheelbase, higher ground clearance, 4xWheel drive, and better width sporting comfortable “buffalo”leather seats and top quality audio system pushing it into a luxury SUV category.


E2O Plus: http://www.mahindrae2oplus.com/pages/buyers-guide/specifications

E-Verito: http://www.mahindraverito.com/everito/discover-the-new-verito.aspx

E-Supro: http://www.mahindrasupro.com/esupro/pdf/esupro_brochure.pdf


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