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Make money from Wind!

You do not need to be an industrialist to make a killing in renewable energy business. Yes, but you do need Rs 30-35 lakh as capital investment to debut in the most talked-about virgin investment avenue – wind energy. Continue reading

How cows saved him from bankruptcy!

When you think you know all about diary farming and do it all just as how the Diary Institutes had taught you and realize that nothing is working and money is fast running out, banks stop giving you loans, have trouble paying your bills, road ahead is bankruptcy and then you decide to let the cows teach you diary farming. Just by respecting the instincts and intelligence of the animal, watching its eating habits and following them on open pastures you get production boost that goes through the roof and expenses going down.

These are secrets that NO Agriculture OR Diary Institute will EVER tell you…

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Hero E-Cycle Lectro…. price of Nano

Hero E-Cycle Lectro price of Tata Nano… the stupidity of using batteries and that too li-ion ones for electric cycles is completely exposed with this. SO STOP MAKING ELECTRIC CYCLES that has a stupid price tag of scooters & motorcycles if not a Nano car!


There is no doubt the fat-bike is an eye-catcher…. but… Continue reading

WaterSeer – creates 37 Ltrs of pure water daily from air!

The WaterSeer is relatively simple device developed by VICI-Labs, in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, aims to provide a sustainable source of clean safe water for the millions without a reliable water supply.

Costing just $ 134 it is designed to be… Continue reading

Byju’s – the world’s best education App

The story is about the kid from a small village called Azhikode in Kerala’s Kannur District, studying at a Malayalam-medium school where both his parents were teachers. Along with education his parents also encouraged him to play sports, and he has played six different sports, including football, cricket and badminton, at the university level.


With so much time spent away from classes meant that Raveendran had to catch up with his academics on his own, and, he says, this was when he first began to develop the learning methods (hinging predominantly on visualising techniques to understand concepts) that he now imparts to the 1.6 lakh paying students on the Byju’s network, as well as those who have downloaded his free app.

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Donald Trump not an EV guy!

Donald Trump is not an EV guy… actually he has no idea about Electric cars and clean energy. In the below interview he says its completely useless… and its very clear that it is not one of his forte nor is he informed about it… He sure would get smarter about it a couple of years later by which time US would loose a few important years of lead in the race… but he knows for sure that China is killing US.

Now if… Continue reading

Toyota Electric Car coming to India by 2020

 Toyota Motor intends to start mass-producing electric vehicles by 2020,doing a complete U-Turn on hydrogen cars…. and what more they aim to develop EVs that can run more than 300km on a single charge.

Now Toyota has been kind of a pioneer in electric cars with its RAV4 Electric car… and they have timed it perfectly to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, when the world will be watching Japan.

The vehicle also would be released in “KEY MARKETS” where governments are pushing for EV adoption (read INDIA). There are only 3 key markets USA, China & India and only in India has the government started to push for EV adoption (the other two had EV support for a long time now) and our government’s sudden closeness with Japan to balance out China’s rowdy ways has paved the way for things to fall right into place.

Toyota’s shift also responds to moves by rivals. Volkswagen has announced a plan to have EVs account for almost 25% of sales by 2025, up from 1% now, after an emissions-cheating scandal in the U.S. came to light last year for diesel cars, the core of the German company’s green-vehicle strategy. China’s leading EV manufacturer, BYD, is boosting production. And Tesla enjoys strong demand for its EVs, including a small sedan due out next year.

Elon Musk unveils Solar Roof

Elon sucks with his presentation… but still the Solar Roof are of very high quality finish… hope the roof don’t cost a Tesla-car! Still it is a breakthrough event because ever since the production of solar panel and many appealing designs later there have been no commercial manufacturer who has done anything similar.

Whats more the glass panels are more stronger than conventional roofing material…awesome is just an understatement!!