Electric Vehicle Expo, Kolkata, India

Youtuber Tanmoy Sarkar has covered the 2nd Electric Vehicle Expo, Kolkata, India which took place on 27 to 29 May 2016 in great detail…

Most of the vehicles are from… China and those with Indian names are just assembled in India having procured most of the equipments except the body from China.

In the above video at 15:04 you see a lady and her daughter get on a electric rickshaw and check it out! What made her check it out when there was a similar one right next to them? What attracted them was the styling of the vehicle which was designed like a scooty or a scooter. One of the few designs which were radically different from those available.

At 16:55 you can see how “less wide” the rear axle is.. the whole vehicle is balanced on this. Now this is very critical for the rear axle to be wider than it is because the vehicle is a 3 wheeler. The rear wheels have to be at least a feet apart so that there is more comfortable to sit and there is no danger of the vehicle tilting.

You again see the narrow axles at 1:20 into the Part 4 of 5 video. This is ok for tiny Chinese people but not for bigger Indians. One of the reasons why China cannot build vehicles for India… but what India builds will be very good for China.



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