Donald Trump not an EV guy!

Donald Trump is not an EV guy… actually he has no idea about Electric cars and clean energy. In the below interview he says its completely useless… and its very clear that it is not one of his forte nor is he informed about it… He sure would get smarter about it a couple of years later by which time US would loose a few important years of lead in the race… but he knows for sure that China is killing US.

Now if… both this information is combined then we can assume that on one hand he would take away the support the US Govt gives US EV-companies and also kind-of-ban China based on some new law. There is also a slight possibility that the Tesla Model 3 might never make it out of the factory!!!

Trump might also tax heavily any and all US companies manufacturing out of China which puts Apple and Apple electric car in a tight spot. Although it might slow down US companies it will benefit US as a whole in say 5yrs time. The crap manufacturing standards of China has created a vacuum for made in US products. Made in US products exported worldwide will fly off the shelves once they start getting made.

China would have no option but to dump all the EV surplus into India… although the next 5 yrs might destroy almost all local solar panel manufacturing companies in India… but the installed panels would instill a great deal of confidence in the people about what a Solar panel can do. Because today in India… forget about electric-car companies… even pro-EV companies like electric-cycle manufacturers do not even consider using solar panels.

The main point of the post is that the INDIAN Electric Vehicle & Solar Panel application industry will see a huge growth in the next 3 yrs.

India is still the world’s most largest & VIRGIN clean-energy market. Add to this the fact that Electric Scooter & Electric Motorcycles will start selling in Indian cities from next year. This will also lead to solar-paneled or wind-turbine charging stations mushrooming all over India.

The fact that 60% of the 1billion plus population do not get proper electricity in spite of being able to pay for it should have made our Engineers drool… to design clean energy solution that will give them millions of Rupees year after year… but the best of our engineers prefer to look out for a job with some branded company…

The 2-Wheeler EV will change India forever!!!


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