How cows saved him from bankruptcy!

When you think you know all about diary farming and do it all just as how the Diary Institutes had taught you and realize that nothing is working and money is fast running out, banks stop giving you loans, have trouble paying your bills, road ahead is bankruptcy and then you decide to let the cows teach you diary farming. Just by respecting the instincts and intelligence of the animal, watching its eating habits and following them on open pastures you get production boost that goes through the roof and expenses going down.

These are secrets that NO Agriculture OR Diary Institute will EVER tell you…

The below film contains a collection of interviews, “Pasture-Based Dairies: Why and How to Switch.” These are first-hand accounts from three farmers who have personally and successfully transitioned their dairy operations from confinement to pasture-based dairies. This movie was created by a group of students from Michigan State University as a capstone project for a class. We hope they will provide an enjoyable resource to encourage dairy farmers interested in switching their operations. If you are interested in learning more about pasture-based dairy systems you can contact the Michigan State University Kellogg Biological Station.


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