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College doesn’t matter, Knowledge matters!

IIT Doesn’t matters, Matters is your innovative mind and devotion to engineering.

Airtel CEO – not an IITian
Microsoft CEO – not an IITian
Nokia CEO – Not an IITian

There are thousands of People’s Who are doing great things without being an IITian.

There are two types of IITians – those who are proud to be IITian, and other IIT Is proud to have them as “. Be the second one.

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B.E./MBA graduate does cow rearing, organic farming!

Education is a tool and it can benefit in all walks of life… whatever you choose to do indeed!

Couldn’t understand a word of what he says in the below video… but couldn’t miss the essence of the video.

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Solar Mini Cruise Boat in Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

In a first of its kind initiative Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (CITCO) has introduced a solar mini-cruise boat in the Sukhna Lake, which is the most visited tourist spot in Chandigarh, to further boost tourism in the city. Though for now it is on trial basis, there is possibility that in first half of New Year, city will have more than one solar mini-cruise ship in the lake.

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Delhi govt accepting online payments for driving licence


The Delhi government on Sunday started accepting online payment for driving licence so that applicants are not turned away due to cash crunch and also that digital transactions are encouraged.

“Delhi government begins facility of online appointment and fees payment for driving licence,” Delhi transport minister Satyendar Jain tweeted.

The government in a public notice said that any…

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Nitin Gadkari – ISRO – ARAI – Li-Ion Battery

The whole PLAN of Nitin Gadkari is as complicated and unrelated with each other as the title… will he pull it off or will it be another false dawn?

The drive to indigenously develop lithium ion battery technology for automotive applications in India is on track and will be ready as early as mid-2017, say ARAI officials.

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JSW Steel & Electric Car

File:JSW Group logo.svg

Dont know if a Steel company should be more interested than an Aluminum company in making Electric cars but here is one of India’s biggest conglomerates toying with the idea of making electric cars!!! One way would be to make different lightweight body for electric cars, rickshaws, motorcycles & scooters!

Sajjan Jindal.png

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Maruti pulls out of International EV Consortium

After Ford, Maruti too pulls out of International Consortium for EVs called xEV. This consortium created about 1 year ago consisted of Industry leaders like Tata-Mahindra-Maruti-Suzuki-Toyota-Ford.

What is interesting to note is that more than Toyota & Ford it is the Indian companies Tata & Mahindra who have developed and showcased and even sold Electric cars. (Actually if not for the stupid Cyrus “Mystery” even Tata Nano EV would have been on the streets by now because they had showcased the car around the same time as Reva NXR aka E2O.

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