Smartflower POP Solar Panel

SmartFlower POP

Smartflower POP is delivered as an all-in-one complete system and is operational within an hour. No complex assembly is required: the system is firmly bolted to the ground (or concrete foundation) at the location of your choice. It is designed… for maximum performance (see also smart tracking, smart cleaning and smart cooling), and it is easy to use and maintain. It reliably provides electricity throughout the day.

Thanks to the astronomical control system, the solar modular fan moves horizontally and vertically along with the sun’s position, even when it’s cloudy. This guarantees optimum alignment with the sun – an exact 90° angle – during the entire course of the day, even when the sun is low on horizon in the winter. The result: despite the lower space requirement, up to 40% more output as compared to that of a conventional rooftop system, which is only ideally positioned towards the sun for a few hours per year.

Smart cleaning

smartflower POP easily rids itself of dust deposits or snow by folding and unfolding itself. Thus, common losses in energy production (up to 5%) are minimized.

Smart safety

In continuous operation, the sensors permanently monitor the wind speed. In winds above 54 km/h, smartflower POP automatically folds into its secure position in order to avoid damages. If the wind increases further, 63 km/h or more, it takes up the secondary security position (same as night position). The sensors continue to function and when the wind decreases, the system folds out completely and re

turns to its electricity-producing tracking position.

Hot modules deliver less electricity than cool modules. 10°C more means 5% less output. The modules of smartflower POP are always rear-ventilated – hot air cannot accumulate due to their construction. This means they are 10–20°C cooler and deliver 5–10% more output as compared to rooftop systems.

Smart mobility

A significant advantage over fixed rooftop systems: smartflower POP is mobile! When you move out, simply take your private solar plant with you. Disassembling smartflower POP is just as simple as assembling it: just unscrew the four anchoring bolts and cart it away. And naturally the ground can be easily restored to its original state.




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