JSW Steel & Electric Car

File:JSW Group logo.svg

Dont know if a Steel company should be more interested than an Aluminum company in making Electric cars but here is one of India’s biggest conglomerates toying with the idea of making electric cars!!! One way would be to make different lightweight body for electric cars, rickshaws, motorcycles & scooters!

Sajjan Jindal.png

Infrastructure group JSW plans to diversify into electric car… manufacturing, two sources told Reuters, as Centre boosts support for non-polluting vehicles.

JSW believes government help – as promised by Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on a visit to the US electric carmaker Tesla Motors’ factory near California this year – and JSW supplied steel can make its cars more competitive, said one of the sources with knowledge of the matter. Gadkari, in his US visit, offered to help Tesla set up plants in India and seek local partners.

Another source close to JSW said the company was “aiming for technology like Tesla” but declined to say if a tie-up with the US carmaker was on the cards.

JSW has already set up a team of around eight officials working on the car project for the past few months, and the company has interviewed a handful of Indian-born automobile executives to head the division, including one official with Nissan in Japan, said the first source.

JSW has also been talking to officials at the heavy industries ministry about setting upcharging stations across the country.

While all these are just market exploration by JSW and nothing might come out of it. It is very sad to see that the present Government once again begging at the feet of Tesla when our own Indian Chetan Maini was the pioneer in production & sales of electric vehicles not only in India but worldwide… that too in an era when battery cars were unimaginable !!!


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