Solar Mini Cruise Boat in Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

In a first of its kind initiative Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (CITCO) has introduced a solar mini-cruise boat in the Sukhna Lake, which is the most visited tourist spot in Chandigarh, to further boost tourism in the city. Though for now it is on trial basis, there is possibility that in first half of New Year, city will have more than one solar mini-cruise ship in the lake.

“We had got a proposal for running a solar cruise. We thought… it was a good initiative. But right now it is on a trial basis. If it does well and if we get that response and if it is successful then certainly we will be shooting tender and getting mini-cruise boats at Sukhna for long term. At present, even we don’t know how this will go forward,” Kavita Singh, managing director of CITCO told TOI.

“This will also depend on the revenue that the solar mini-cruise ship would bring.” The proposal was accepted by CITCO also because it promotes green initiative by being solar-powered. The mini-cruise ship has a capacity of 25 people and will also available for mini parties. It was introduced in Sukhna Lake last week. It is owned by a private agency which runs similar boats in Bathinda.

“They run a amusement entertainment park at Sukhna Lake and we have set up the project on a revenue sharing trial basis. Let’s hope it is technically feasibile,” Singh said.

  She said that there is possibility of having more than one solar-based mini cruise ships.
  “If the plan is a success, we will arrange more than one ship so that people can book these even for small celebrations. There would be a provision of food and the entire experience would be unique. But we are yet to see how people respond to the initiative.”

Singh said that the cruise would not affect boating and Shikara activities in the lake. The mini-cruise ship be present at Sukhna for another 4-5 months.

“It was introduced last week and we have kept a period of 4-5 months to see the response.”

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WHAT A BUNCH OF FOOLS… a vehicle that doesn’t need any fuel, is silent and can charge by itself (solar panels)… they want to think about it for 5 BLESSED MONTHS!!! India has seen many such “pilot projects” from about 10 yrs now!!! Why do they need pilot projects on a 188 yr old technology? In fact modern cars came much later than the electric car about 116 yrs ago.  Over the yrs the cars have become lighter and the battery technology better. Why don’t they test diesel boats/vehicles like this for 5 months??!!?? Why is there FRIGGING “PILOT PROJECTS” ONLY FOR ELECTRIC VEHCILES??? Why they need pilot projects for an older technology than petrol cars? What is the motive? Are they expecting a loss or they expecting some under-the-table package in new Rs2,000 notes??!!?

Problem is there a lot of corrupt people in our country and these corrupt people have to be put on a boat and dumped into Arabian sea… thats the only way a country can become successful and find pride in what they are doing…not by building thousands of kms of roads… or infrastructure… which will break up in 3 yrs time (being built by corrupt people and approved by corrupt officials/politicians)… but by sending these corrupt either in jails on in Arabian Sea!!!


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