B.E./MBA graduate does cow rearing, organic farming!

Education is a tool and it can benefit in all walks of life… whatever you choose to do indeed!

Couldn’t understand a word of what he says in the below video… but couldn’t miss the essence of the video.

Of course there will be No deadlines, No more runtime errors, no production issues, No appraisal rating worries, No leave approval… No Excel Sheets, No UAT deployment, No escalations, No night shifts, No “dog-straps” ID-cards around your neck…No junk fast food nor 14hrs work days

Freedom… Freedom… Freedom… view sunrises and sunsets… feel it and not just through the glass panes of the glass and mortar buildings… be full time “on-site” and no such thing as off-site. Listen to the birds perching and not just the clicking away of keyboards. Be at peace with yourself and the nature around you… BECOME A FARMER…


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