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Farm in a Box… farming reinvented!


Community Farming Reinvented. 

Farm from a Box provides communities with the tools required to grow their own food and earn an income. Built from a modified shipping container, each unit contains a complete ecosystem of smart farm technologies to enhance agricultural productivity; from renewable power and micro-drip irrigation, to Information and Communications Technology.

The need to provide a sustainable…

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Tata Nano GenX selling steady while one CEO dead & the other tried to kill Nano

Tata Nano GenX in spite of the global conspiracy to derail the project and bad mouthing (Nanos catching fire) it has been selling at a steady pace of around 800 cars per month. On the other side Kwid an inferior but better looking car is selling 10 times more!

Between Renault Kwid and Nano GenX we all know what is the difference… its “Advertisement” budget. Actually Renault must have spend 100 times more to advertise Kwid than Tata did with Nano GenX.

There is also more to this than meets the eye… some VERY SINSTER CASES – One where its CEO was murdered and the other in which the CEO who replaced the murdered CEO tried his best to MURDER NANO! Finally he was royally booted out by… Continue reading

Ikea just added a cart to its bicycle offer!

Somewhere between the bookshelves, bedroom sets, and kitchen stuff, there will soon be flat-packed belt drive bicycles, which display the same understated and timeless Scandinavian design as the rest of IKEA’s offerings. A host of accessories will also be available, including a bike trailer ($129/$169), front cargo rack ($25/$35), and rear pannier ($29/$39), and the bike itself will come with a 25-year limited warranty on the frame and 10-year limited warranty on the belt drive.

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@rahulsharma Let Micromax ride the Uber/Ola wave!

ET has reported that in India App-based cab aggregators are pushing car sales and have added about half a million (5Lakh) cars to the market in 2 yrs… and this is just the beginning.

Taxis_bcclThis Uber is a worldwide phenomena and growing so if MicroMax can create a product for this sector then Micromax will be able to sell in ANY markets easily in addition to its existing demand. World wide there will be Uber drivers looking for this Micromax solution! This product could not only streamline the new-gen Taxi business but also address the problem of as of now non-existant onboard-car-nav system. Of course There are navigation systems on board some cars but they need a lot to be required.

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BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen as good as finished in war with Trump

USA has been one of the biggest markets for BMW, Daimler & VW and these companies have been building cars in Mexico and exporting it to the US for years. But recently Donald Trump decided to put a 35% border tax on these companies to “encourage” them to start factories in US. Donald is right because his priorities are the US citizens and creating jobs for them. But this Border Tax will hit these companies very hard…

LOL… here VW lies about its emission & later gets caught. It WAS after all your daddy’s diesel!

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Never buy HP Inkjet Printers

HP as a company is just like Uber… it is a thief!

If you ask me to name 3 most evil companies in the world it would be Monsanto, Enron & Uber… and it need not be in that order!!! You can add HP to it… actually its a little too harsh… HP is not as Evil as Monsanto, Enron or Uber but it can be said that HP has adopted wrong priorities… at least in Inkjet printing. Not surprising these profiteering companies are from USA… just like the expensive EV car companies promising to turn the world green & clean if we buy their expensive EV products. How can one make sustainable products out of unsustainable & illogically priced products???!!!

These companies have mastered the science to screw the customer and yet get the customer to love it!!!


Let HP rot in hell… I love my new Brother DCP-T500W printer!!!

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