Wicked plans to steal food (rice) from poor!

Man has become so greedy that he has systemically planned to destroy agriculture and control food… and probably later on water!!! Agriculture institutes had been set up after World War II to promote the purchase of chemicals from war industry as fertilizers for a new war called “Green Revolution”. The whole plan was to take away the power to grow food from the hands of the poor and put it into the  hands of the rich and corporates.

India as the largest agriculture producing country bore the brunt of these wicked plans and today all of its agriculture are hi-breed, cow is hi-breed (Jersey/HF), chicken hi-breed (broiler), even fishes are going hi-breed. But yet after all this effort and claims of hi-yield… production volume per acre is falling and cost of production has been increasing while earlier it was the other way around.

Everyday you can see more and more encouragement for “precision or Hi-tech farming” where minimum cost of setup for an acre is Rs 25Lakh and a particular disdain for old technology. There is more and more dependence on diesel and electricity and absolutely shunning of bull power for not only ploughing but even for transporting stuff in and around the farm. There are subsidies for the fertilizer companies… meaning the burden will be taken by the Government and the corporates will still make money.But will the government take the burden of the poor farmer when the farmer’s crops gets destroyed?

The farmer today do know that they are playing against sinster forces like… those of Bill Gates who has funded the Svalbard Seed Bank along with some of the richest countries Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. These are the countries who grow the least agriculture produce in the world so instead of putting the seeds in the hands of maximum of farmers in maximum of countries they have decided to be the Rulers of the seeds. Although they have promised to help “countries” it is anything but obvious that THEY WILL DECIDE whether to give the seeds to ANY COUNTRY OR NOT… depending upon various trade rules and sanctions which are all to their benefit!!!

It is hard to digest the these countries decide to be the WORLD BANK of seeds when they have the least seeds… that too those very seeds which have been saved and nurtured over millions of years by “sunny and rain adequate” agriculture countries like India, China Brazil, etc!!!

In fact if seeds have to be saved they have to be stored/distributed to as many farmers and countries all over the world. This very principles of not “putting all eggs in one basket” and “distributed servers are safe servers” are used by placing Internet Servers and mirrors in different continents in the world. It was farmers after all who had been the custodian of seeds over millions of years.

The truth is there cannot be a combination of chemical AND organic farming. You can either be an Organic farmer or a Chemical farmer just like the statement…”you are either with us or against us” you will also find the chemical farmer usually hates organic farmer because he cannot believe if 1 acre of farming can cost less than Rs 1 Lakh (100,000).


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