@rahulsharma Let Micromax ride the Uber/Ola wave!

ET has reported that in India App-based cab aggregators are pushing car sales and have added about half a million (5Lakh) cars to the market in 2 yrs… and this is just the beginning.

Taxis_bcclThis Uber is a worldwide phenomena and growing so if MicroMax can create a product for this sector then Micromax will be able to sell in ANY markets easily in addition to its existing demand. World wide there will be Uber drivers looking for this Micromax solution! This product could not only streamline the new-gen Taxi business but also address the problem of as of now non-existant onboard-car-nav system. Of course There are navigation systems on board some cars but they need a lot to be required.

MicroMax has the solution: It is already in … the business of making smartphones & tabs but Micromax has to slightly modify some of its existing Tablet format… add a custom designed strong theft-proof central-car-mount (something like this but one that locks in place with a key) and market it to cab aggregators as well as sell in open market and online. The main trick is to sell this both as a combo because none of the existing phone makers do!

Along with Uber/Ola there are a lot of new vehicles (2 wheelers/cars/mini-bus/bus/trucks) that are sold every day! NO SUBCOMPACT car other than E2O has Navigation on board.. and to top it all subcompact cars like Alto, WagonR, Omni, etc are the top selling cars in India. Now add to this the million plus annual sales of both motorbikes & scooters… none of them have Navigation! Theft proof navigation can be easily designed and integrated into every existing or even production vehicle! If Micromax can capture this market it could add a lot more sales to its already BIG volume. I think Micromax could DOUBLE its sales!!!

Good quality CD Mount… notice it is centrally mounted and almost in level with the road.

The market is VERY HUGE to say the least. Samsung & iPhone are not even thinking about this kind of market and not so anytime soon. Even if Micromax decide to develop electric cars anytime in the future this Nav-device will be a boon for youguys.

This TABLET should be:

  • 7 inches for Motorbikes/Scooters & 10 inches for Cars/Trucks
  • Android,
  • Battery-less,
  • SIM-card supporting for data & phone calls
  • 4G tablet
  • iPod like with Songs & FM compatible.
  • SD Card compatible
  • Good audio output
  • Audio & MIC out for headset (mic & sound)
  • Ability to connect to reverse parking camera (via wifi)
  • Rest will be the minimum existing standard of Processor core/speed & RAM

The Tablet should will use the power from the car and remain in the car of if battery is required it should be an easily and hot-swap-able “AA” battery! Problem with tablet battery is that they malfunction after 1 to 2yrs (at least the chinese ones).

Uber/Ola Problem: Most of the app-based car aggregator drivers double up their own smartphone mobile as navigation device. Now most of the time it is a small 5inch screen. With this the passenger sitting behind cannot see very clearly and the driver has to take the eye off the road to focus more on the device to follow navigation and even squint to read the text or address.

Smartphones on Car-Phone-Mount… loosely held on the dashboard or windshield… easy for theft.

Threat of Theft: These devices are loosely held on Car-Phone-mounts. What if the cash paying passenger just grabs the dashmounted phone and escapes? Most of the time these phones are dangling on some kind of stand that can easily break of or come off like above.

This CD mount looks somewhat sturdy and safer. Possibly could have a key to lock it into place for theft prevention.

Android Based (open sourced): It is very important for Navigation Apps to be open sourced gets updated with thousands of user feed backs daily. This is paramount in Navigation where there are roadworks, road closures, new roads coming up or even the possibility that businesses can shift from one area to other that makes the requirement of user feedback & updated-maps most urgent. This has made Google Maps & Waze Maps a success and are top notch! Waze Maps has very light data usage… about 1/3 the data of Google Maps! So these are good APPs to have. Also there is the possibility that tomorrow there might emerge an even better app or locally optimized free Navigation App. Its great that a popular OS like Android allows it such an new app also to be installed is a good option to have.

Landscape Navigation Problem: Almost all onboard navigation devices are landscaped and when the car is moving fast and exchanging data with Uber, navigation tends to slow down and the driver don’t know whats coming up ahead…  left turn or a right?… where to align his car on a say 6 lane road?.. the driver needs this information at least a kilometer in advance. It is at such time that the device is screaming for maximum portrait screen size.

Then in this navigation slowdown there are possibly multiple apps that are running in the background and it is ALWAYS preferable to have a PORTRAIT Navigation DEVICE. This is so because suddenly there comes a phonecall or at a signal light you might want to reply to a message etc. ALL NAVIGATION DEVICES HAS TO BE PORTRAIT. Moreover UBER works in PORTRAIT mode ONLY! Tesla has been using Portrait mode for its Navigation.

Reverse parking camera is a huge safety device as there have been cases of children being run over while hiding behind vehicles and the drivers were unaware of them as they were hiding under the line of site. This important reverse parking camera can be sold as an option for those who are safety minded.

So Micromax should make 3 things ASAP while the 4th can take its own time:

  1. The Tablet
  2. The Mount (these 2 have to be sold as a single pack)
  3. Waterproof Wifi Reverse camera (this can be sold as an option)
  4. Combine the above 3 in a car (this will take marketing effort to convince carmakers to install this in the cars).

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