Tata Nano GenX selling steady while one CEO dead & the other tried to kill Nano

Tata Nano GenX in spite of the global conspiracy to derail the project and bad mouthing (Nanos catching fire) it has been selling at a steady pace of around 800 cars per month. On the other side Kwid an inferior but better looking car is selling 10 times more!

Between Renault Kwid and Nano GenX we all know what is the difference… its “Advertisement” budget. Actually Renault must have spend 100 times more to advertise Kwid than Tata did with Nano GenX.

There is also more to this than meets the eye… some VERY SINSTER CASES – One where its CEO was murdered and the other in which the CEO who replaced the murdered CEO tried his best to MURDER NANO! Finally he was royally booted out by… Ratan Tata the Nano creator himself!!! But lets see the cases one by one:

  1. Murder of Tata Motor’s CEO Karl Slym in Bangkok, Thailand around the time of testing the eMO on the Tata shop floor. The case was shown as a Suicide and reported in India as “slip & fall to death”. During all this in the background his wife was writing his suicide note… wow a mystry in itself!!!
  2. Cyrus Mystry who stepped in after Karl Slym’s murder. This guy has recently been royally kicked out of the company like no other CEO in living memory!!! This guy was dead against the Tata Nano and even Tata Nano Electric. He was planning to pull the plug on Tata Nano this year (March 2017).
  3. Then there is a guy called Nusli Wadia who bats for Cyrus and who keeps saying Nano must be STOPPED for Tata Motors to profit. Now this is the same guy who ganged up with Indian Express tycoon Ramnath Goenka and tried his best to trip Dhirubhai Ambani’s success that is Reliance Industries. Its really surprising that Nusli Wadia a grandson of the founder of Pakistani Mohammed Ali Jinnah has so much influence in India and he has also used the services of CIA. Now the movie Madras Cafe (which is kind of LTTE meeting place in Singapore) shows how CIA was also involved in Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Nusli Wadia has been the SINGLE BIGGEST beneficiary in the assassination of Sanjay Gandhi – June 1980, Indira Gandhi-Oct 1984 and Rajiv Gandhi-May 1991 (all 3 done away with in a short span of 10 yrs). These 3 were not very helpful for him (“bureaucratic delay”… they wanted “funding ” which all political parties ask for even BJP… Nusli Wadia was very unhappy with this …. he thought inferior to give funding) during his quest to manufacture DMT. In 1977, the year Reliance went public, Bombay Dyeing applied for a licence to manufacture DMT. Wadia obtained the licence only in December 1981 – four years after the original application was made. The company had imported a second-hand plant from an American company, Hercofina, but couldn’t clear it and was rotting in the docks for a long time before he could clear it and press reports appeared that the plant was “junk” and would only produce inferior DMT.
  4. Had Bombay Dyeing not got the DMT licence it would have been end of story of Bombay Dyeing. Now this guy is again up to some tricks with Tata Sons.



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