Who is more intelligent-a Cow or a Dog?

All animals have enough intelligence to help them live a healthy life and have the ability to survive predators, find mates and even take care of its young ones. Some animals have certain abilities more than other animals.It would be wrong to say one one animal is more intelligent than the other because we judge animals based on our own experience in relation to… animals living under our “captivity” and not in the open or wilderness… as nature had intended.

Man judges an animal’s intelligence based on… how much he can manipulate it. Those animal which can be manipulated the most and serve him more is considered more intelligent than those animals that do not listen to him or are independent.

Sometimes people say “the cow is trying to behave like a dog” or the “cow likes to be petted like a dog”… its kind-of like saying the dog is trying to behave like a cat and is looking for some petting. …ok ok all animals wild or domestic animals like to be petted by the people they know don’t they?

Man is of course the least intelligent of all creatures because he spoils his environment and kill everything around him even his own species… probably it is because man has isolated himself from nature and considers himself above other animals… so he does not want to learn from watching them although other animals watch man and learn from him. If at all man watches animals it is to learn how to be the “alpha male”.

Migration of animals and birds is itself a great indication how intelligent they are ability to predict/forecast weather earthquake and travel thousands of kms without GPS yet migrate using memory, sight, smell and other abilities.

If man was given a choice to choose between:

  1. A land that will help him grow his own healthy FOOD with ample water and sunshine but no other amenities and…
  2. A land that will help him to earn MONEY enough to be able to just about afford buy packaged food from all over the world, have all the fast food in the world, 50 inch SmartTV, Fridge, Smartphone, free 100 GB per month 4G Network, SUV, 24×7 electricity, air conditioned apartment (no bigger than a 4-cow shed), keep no pets other than dog or cats (any pets smaller than cats are welcome), twice a year travel to holiday destination anywhere in the world BUT live in a land that cannot grow a grain of food… (this place could also be on Moon or Mars)

Man will be the ONLY animal on Planet Earth or Solar System to take up the second choice!!! Animals migrate based on both climate & food, man migrate based only on money. Is it any surprise that people have signed up to travel into outer-space and to Mars?

Cows have a very high level of intelligence that many people do not give it credit for… most animals use their tongue like hands so if you pet them they use their tongue to pet you back… similarly a dog uses his tongue to scoop up water just like we use our palm to scoop water. In the below video you will see cows opening gates, operating hand pumps and taps with their tongues.

There are videos on youtube of dogs and cats opening “automatic” doors… where they have to pull the door handle down… but how about the old fashioned manual doors where the door handle has to be slid to the side?

Do dogs prevent their owners from giving away its puppies?

Do they mourn for it for days together after they are taken away?

Can dogs or operate taps to drink water?

Or operate hand pumps?

Cow opening a latch on the gate

Cow operating handpump to drink water

The guy closes the tap but the Cow opens it to drink water

Cow hiding its baby calf fearing humans will steal it:

Cow defending its calf:

Cow tries to save woman under attack:

Cow jumps over man instead of knocking him out of its way:

Cow jumping over high fences without training:

Cow crying tears of love when slokas are sung

Cow & Calf called by their name to be milked ..

Indian cows have the tendency to withhold milk and not give it to strangers. They give milk to only people or even animals which they like or the cow feel that particular person/animal needs it… like a baby monkey or a baby of another animal or even human kids it will never kick. So it will give you 6ltrs of milk and keep 4lts for its calf and people think it is a low milk yield cow compared to a hi-breed cow which will give all of its 10ltrs milk.

Diary everywhere in the world abuse & exploit cows the maximum… they will milk the cow, impregnent it, milk it, till such an extent that within short span of 5yrs the cow can no longer stand on their feet due to calcium depletion. From the time they cannot stand the cows become very unhealthy because they have to lie-down on the unclean stall 24×7 till the time they are kicked off to slaughter. This is same every where in the world. This is the unhealthy beef that comes on the market… what nourishment would anybody get from it?

Vedas had laid down very specific rules regarding cow & grazing some of which are:

  1. If you don’t let the cows out for (free range) grazing by sunrise you will suffer (laboring among the cow carrying its dung & urine).
  2. You shall not milk the cow at all for couple of months after it has given birth (so that the calf gets the maximum nutrition and health.
  3. You shall milk only once a day (before you send the cow out to graze rest of the day’s milk is for the calf).
  4. Never sell milk (because its the most perishable commodity) it makes more sense and less expense to convert it to curds (either sell curds) or from the curds make and sell ghee (again low tech and low cost) and byproduct is buttermilk which is as good as milk if not better!
  5. etc.

And to get leather from a cow you don’t have to kill it… all cows die some day… take the leather after it has died. What is the need or greed to “scale up” grow by 100% every year? East India Company tried it many years ago and finally it failed… because 100% growth every year is not sustainable. No company in the world has lived beyond 200 yrs!!! Yet the power and effectiveness of Ayurveda lives on thousands of years!

In ancient India Cows were respected because of their intelligence, emotion quotient and medicinal purpose  of its milk, dung & urine (Tulsi is also another medicinal plant which is respected a lot). Whenever their calves were unwell the cow could diagnose it by tasting the urine of the calf and went out in search for special herbs and eat it so that the calf gets the appropriate medicine through her milk. We humans also benefit from this. This is one of the biggest reasons to have free range cow farms and also to have all kinds of herbs on the farms.

Ayurveda in India was possibly discovered by noting down the eating habits of the cow at different periods of times and taking into account the health of the calf at that time. This way if you take care of cows you will get knowledge about the secret of medicine, secret of healthy food & healthy ghee… and secret to unlimited energy like fuel for cooking & car and also electricity (from biogas).

Cows are also known to mourn in the cowshed when somebody in the house dies even when they do not witness it directly.

The progress of a country can be measured by how its cows are treated… today in all countries there are no animal… domestic or wild… that is more abused than the cow or the diary animal… 

Its an open secret that diary cows are slaughtered or sold to slaughter… dont ask & dont mention where it goes… nobody likes to hear the answer… who else will buy a sick animal? Since India is the highest milk producer in the world you dont need another figure to see we abuse the cow the most!!!

Is it a curse of India that the highest abuse of the cow happens in India… the only Country in the world who was supposed to protect it? Is it surprising our farmers are commuting suicide? They have been torturing & killing Laxmi & Sawaraswati (money & knowledge) both which comes from the Indian cow??!!?

For heaven sake Indian cow (with a hump on its back) has been known as Kamadhenu… (dont be misled by concept of Kamadhenu as a goddess. Indian cow IS THE Kamadhenu) the vedas have very clearly mentioned her as the mother of all cows. She is a miraculous “cow of plenty” who provides her owner whatever he desires and is often portrayed as the mother of other cattle!!! Indian Cow is also described as dwelling in Goloka (Land of Cows – India or Bharat or the land south of Himalayas) and Patala (a place geographically south of or below India- which is Africa). She is also capable of producing fierce warriors -the fearless african Maasai warrior tribe & Indian Kalari martial arts are born out of this.

Since the cow is the key to agriculture, fuel, electricity and food… unless the cow is able to live a peaceful and secure life there cannot be a sustainable… or clean-energy or a GREEN World!!!

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