Tata Nano Electric coming in next 3 months!!!

On Sept 2016 Youtuber Ajeet Dhale captured AH47 Tata Nano that seemed to take off and could do 120kmph at ease. This Nano could be seen overtaking Trucks, motorcycles and other cars with ease. Electric Nano is the only version that was delayed by the most useless CEO of Tata… Mr Cyrus Mystry.

Since Tata likes to launch Nano during the 1st half of the year rather than the second half so that during the festival season the cars are available in the showrooms we can be pretty sure the Tata Nano Electric Car will be announced anytime within the next 4 months!!!

Watch out for March 2017, April 2017 and May 2017

Tata Hexa was the other car with Nano (which probably Ajeet Dhale thought was Aria) and this Tata Hexa was released in Jan 2017 which would very much indicate that the Nano EV too would be relesing shortly.


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