Gadkari’s ISRO Li-Ion battery gets showcased in SIAT2017


Nitin Gadkari’s ISRO’s lithium-ion battery gets showcased by ARAI

A lithium-ion battery, indigenously developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for space applications, has been successfully put to use in an electric two-wheeler by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

A prototype two-wheeler developed …using ISRO’s lithium-ion battery was unveiled by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, government of India at Symposium on International Automotive Technologies (SIAT 2017) held at the ARAI Campus, Vetal Hill, Kothrudin Pune during January 2017.

Battery Features:

  • 90km per charge,
  • 45kph top speed, 2
  • 0-30 paise per km running cost


ISRO is working on reducing the charging time and have set the target to bring it down to one hour initially. It does not use much electricity for charging and the running cost per kilometre could be as less as 20-30 paise per kilometre.

See more at:

A small step by Nitin Gadkari but a huge step for Indians. Unfortunately PM Modi has just a hand-full of talented guys like Gadkari, Ajit Doval and Suresh Prabhu. In 2015 Mr Gadkari had made this suggestion to ISRO to develop batteries for EV indeginously.

Ok guys… all this is still in half way stage… “picture abhi bohut… bohut… baki hai mere dost“… next stage ISRO will have to beg and request some companies to commercially manufacture it because ISRO do not manufacture for commercial purposes. So there is no guarantee that this can go through.


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