The ever complaining Aussies are back in town…

Aussies know that they can never win a single cricket match if proper cricket is played in spite of having some what good players… ūüėČ

Ian Chappel & Greg Chappel.jpg

Found this pair the other day in a flea-mart!

These blokes always pick up something to complain about whenever visiting other countries. They always have Ian “Chappal” covering their backs in his column. Why his article gets published in Indian newspapers is a¬†mystery¬†in itself.

This “Chappal” is the same guy who was intensely vocal that Tendulkar should retire 7yrs before he did. The other half of of this Chappal.. his brother Greg “Chappal”¬†had even taken the pain to infiltrate one of the best Indian ¬†Team (other than the current one) as a coach and played mind games with them and manipulated everybody’s batting order especially messing around with Saurav Ganguly & Sachin Tendulkar. Finally Tendulkar exposed both these brothers in his book “Playing It My Way”.

Because of Greg “Chappal’s” mind-games India lost the World Cup which it could have easily won because India¬†possessed¬†the best batting lineup.

These whining and logically stupid Aussie cricketers are know to complain about anything and everything eg:

  • about the weather
  • not getting beans in India (really?) and bringing in canned beans!
  • hotels,
  • transport,
  • schedule,
  • wickets,
  • umpiring decisions,
  • facilities,
  • crowds,
  • other countries media,
  • reverse swing,
  • change of ball,
  • dew factor,
  • 20-20 format,
  • SG and duke balls,
  • chucking
  • play victim of racial slurs… yeah victim…lol

Yes… Harbajan singh once said to Andrew Symonds “teri…¬†maa ki… jai” and aussies being aussies jumped on it and said Harbajan called¬†¬†Andrew Symonds “big monkey”… and they all seem to have heard it… “maa ki”… LOL. The plight of what the aussies have been reduced¬†to looking for excuses to keep the opposition busy…lol

So lets sit back and see what new subject will the aussies complain about this time!


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