ISRO pulled the pants off Elon Musk

When ISRO launched 104 satellites into space on 15 Feb 2017… it completely exposed Elon Musk and his boast of sending cheaper flights into space using re-useable flyback rockets.

Whatever Elon Musk does it cannot put a dent in ISRO’s business. At his most effective he might just be able to keep USA in the business of sending satellites into space but still the cost would be much higher than the cost of ISRO’s.

Image result for elon musk middle finger

In fact  India’s Mars Orbiter Mission… cost lest than Hollywood movie “Gravity”. So if Elon Musk has to compete he first has to compete and keep the cost of his rocket below the cost of Hollywood movies. If he does manage to get it below the cost of Gravity then Elon should get the Oscar Award for the movie of the year.

SpaceX progress as of September 2016:

…yeah blame it on the UFOs…

This is the guy who has no idea of how to produce the simplest of vehicles – THE ELECTRIC CAR – economically! Which again India has shown not with one or two vehicles but with a list of vehicles:

  • E2O & E2O+
  • E-Verito
  • E-Supro
  • E-Magic
  • E-Magic Iris
  • E-SuperAce

This is the guy who said “Thanks… but no thanks” to PM Modi’s request to make in India.

A vehicle cannot be more simple than an electric car… if you just consider the internal combustion engine… which is the petrol car. These ICE cars are far… far… far more complicated than electric cars and consist of hundreds of micro-parts to just make the engine. Also balancing the petrol tank with its fluctuating volume/weight during refueling and consumption during vehicle operation is also complicated than battery weight which remains the same the whole time.

A diesel engine car is even more complicated than a petrol engine car.

Elon Musk… he is the guy who is planning to make travel cheaper… via Hyperloop.

He says he is the only guy who’s product you cannot buy because its sold-off because of crazy off-the-hook demand with more orders than he can fulfill..

  • His electric cars sold-off because of crazy off-the-hook demand…
  • His power-wall home battery sold-off because of crazy off-the-hook demand…
  • His power-wall2 sold-off because of crazy off-the-hook demand…
  • His solarpanels sold-off because of crazy off-the-hook demand…
  • His Hyperloop sold-off because of crazy off-the-hook demand…
  • His SpaceX flights sold-off because of crazy off-the-hook demand…

This by a company that doesn’t put out sales figures

He thinks everybody is stupid to believe this?

For these guys Patenting & profiteering means everything… for them giving away wealth means putting half their wealth in Trusts that support their investments in pharmaceutical companies…  sustainability means how to keep asian countries out of their markets while they plunder  wealth from the “poor” Asian countries to their country annually… which was achieved by putting in tiny investments which were a fraction of the annual income… that too after bargaining and bribing the asian country government on huge tax & land discounts. Spirituality means doing drugs with some karoli babaji ki boothi… and frugality means cheaper marijuana in Pushkar (India) or Nepal.

It wouldn’t be surprising if companies soon loose interest with Rich Boy Elon Musk’s toys and cancel their orders (with SpaceX to launch their satellites) and go to ISRO!

It will take a long time for Elon to pull his pants back on…


…and in his desperate attempt to pull his pants on just 4 days after ISRO’s feat Elon comes out with his Falcon 9 VERTICAL LANDING tweet. This guy has really scaled the height of madness… “bhokla gaya sala“… the balls he has to come out with such an absolutely fake video. It could probably be his last desperate attempt to keep his investors happy!

The fakeness of the video can be confirmed by the fact that the thrust of the landing rocket is CONSTANT… it can be constant in takeoff… but while a rocket is landing and gravity is increasing the thrust has to increase to a great extent so as to negate it… much more at the moment of touchdown!

Now compare this easy landing with the landing difficulties of normal aircraft in cross wind conditions:

Check out vertical landing by Sea Harrier aircraft…

Sea Harriers were called “The Widow Maker” at least they had landing gear with wheels to land on… its really strange Elon Musk needed none of these…

It would have been more believe-able had he landed it like a plane or landed it into the sea…. but what he did is kind of stupid! This achievement too hard to believe from the group who could not lift off in the first place on September 2016.

Its difficult landing a remote controled quadcopter this smoothly… he tells us he can do it with rocket and boosters…. flying down then re-entering earth atmosphere and dealing with burn out temperature on its nose and then finally flipping around 180 degrees to settle on its butt… bloody hell!!!

Elon Musk is now (with this video) exposed as a FRAUDSTER… and boderline wacko. If companies and countries continue to support him with his expensive & unpractical Hyperloop and SpaceX programe they have only themselves to blame.

Its a beautiful video… almost like a dream and just like a video played backwards… Its time for him to grow out of his expensive toys and hoodwinking people!

Here is how the Chinese are going to do it (in a much more sensible way):

china space plane hypersonic skylon


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