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Electric Car – India & 2025 impact

We have tried to put together a video to simplify the understanding of an electric car, what it is and how it works?

Its so easy that OS Vehicle is a street legal (slow speed) electric vehicle available to be ordered online to your doorstep. The best thing about it is it can be assembled by anybody in 1 hour. You can even modify it as you want and add seating, cargo-cart, hybrid features or exterior or safety features to it.

Wonder if there will be a Indian company that will try something like this?

The deadline of 2025 is fast approaching and the Petrol/Diesel vehicles you drive today will not be worth scrap value then. The death of diesel will happen even before 2020! So make sure your next vehicle will be an electric vehicle.

The Indian Govt too has highlighted this fact by ensuring that the switch to electric is smooth and there are no complaints by offering ZERO DOWN-PAYMENT and EMI lower thats 1/3rd of your refueling cost. The Govt has targeted as 2030 as 100% Electric vehicle Year.


India to become 100% e-vehicle nation by 2030: Piyush Goyal

The government is working on a scheme to provide electric cars on zero down payment for which people can pay out of their savings on petrol & maintenance, for becoming 100% electric vehicle nation by 2030.

India could become the first country of its size to run 100% of its vehicles on battery. This programme will be self financing and there need not be one rupee support from the government nor one rupee investment from the people of India as per power minister Piyush Goyal at an event organised by CII Young India here.

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Uber a Billion dollar fraud… China 1st country to take action on Uber

China is the 1st country which took action on Uber for the exploitation, profiteering and destruction of its taxi industry. Applause!

In China under the new Government regulations, the data collected by Uber would come under the purview of the government. There would be no more subsidies. Market prices would prevail, the regulations state, “except when municipal government officials believe it is necessary to implement government-guided pricing.” According to Xinhua, ride-hailing companies would be urged to merge with taxi companies. Moreover Government would do the background checks of the drivers and provide them licence for being eligible for app-based car service (well done China). On-line and off-line services would be regulated separately.

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Chinese man makes 200km range E-car

Chinese man makes a 200km range, 50km top speed Electric Car that runs on solar panels, seats two and even has scissor doors! Not only that the seats can be pulled down like a bed to sleep on and it even has an electric cooker to cook food! A complete camping vehicle.

Wang Yongzhi, 64, is a veteran in… EVs and this is his 4th vehicle in the last 5 yrs. He is currently waiting for 12 national patents for the vehicle.. Currently he is going around exploring & sight seeing the whole of China with his wife Zhang Shuyan. It takes five days from my city to Dalian by this car. The car takes care of eating, sleeping and transporting during the tour. It was made for old people to travel.”

The two-seater vehicle can also use gas as a backup power.

Zhang Shuyan, says “After he made the car, we have travelled to several places in it. The first stop is Dalian. During the trip, we’ve received a lot of admiration from people.”

Daymak Boomerbeast Electric Off Road

The Daymak Boomerbeast is the Mobility scooter that you have been waiting for. This high speed mobility scooter has a solar powered battery pack that allows itself to charge on the go or parked.

Hitting up to speeds of over 40 km/h this mobility scooter is perfect for both on and off road. Choose from either lead acid OR lithium ion batteries and travel as far as 90 km (55 miles) on a single charge!!

Introductory price on the Boomerbeast starts at $2999. For more info call 1-800-649-9320 or email Visit the site for full specs:

People prefer familiar corruption over unfamiliar progress…

Well done AAP for getting 20 seats in Punjab even though people preferred corrupt govt over honest governance.

We have been ruled for over 200 yrs by corrupt government and their corrupt laws (like the Indian Forrest Act, Indian Land Acquisition Act, Taxation laws… why even Tax on salt exists). So we are really afraid how a honest government will function. Some of my educated friends have said only a corrupt government can rule India “properly” and we know which party they voted for.

What was the good performance for which the party got their votes? Whether it is the BJP or Congress where ever it won. Or was there something that was more “important” than the performance of the government that was voted in?

This was exactly the same attitude during the Bitish rule and true today. There were many Indians who preferred the British rule and the rule of Aurangazeb.There were many Indians who preferred to see their king defeated against an Invader. It might seem shocking today… but that is exactly how the Mohammed Gori, British & Aurangazeb were able to capitalize and defeat superior local army. They were able to capitalize on a few corrupt people.

The questions of progress are never asked… it is so well brought out in Swades

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