Trump aiming to hit Indian Automobiles hard!

Donald Trump talked about many great things he has planned for America in his address to congress. There he had talked about “some countries” taxing American Harley Davidson motorcycles 100% Tax and called it unfair. Well that country was none other than India. He wants taxing in other countries to be fair…

Really? Mahindra has being trying to sell their vehicles in USA but still has not been successful to even get entry Tata had to buy the British Jaguar Land Rover brand to even qualify to sell “popcorn” in US and yet Nano has still not been allowed into US based on continuously increasing standards aimed to keep the Nano out… so much for talks about “being fair”. Same also for Indian pharmaceutical, garments & agricultural produce getting banned for vague reasons.  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones on others!!!

It is also time… Indian Government banned vehicles having above 120kmph speed from importing into India because these vehicles regularly disobey the speed limits of the country and 99% of all accidents are caused by these imported, big engine & high  power vehicles doing 200kmph speed on Indian roads.

Whatever the situation… there is no doubt that China has hit the giant US a reeling knock out blow. Against how many countries is US going to take action? It may take action against Mexico and 50 other countries but what about China? China is well known to retaliate against any American policy and if China retaliates it will be even worse than what is the existing situation! China is also the ONLY country that is NOT afraid of US military action.

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