Maindra E20 Plus TV Commercial

More like a short movie… less like a product advertisement… not sure if it is fit for the purpose… but Mahindra is Mahindra… they are used to doing stuff the wrong way…

and then there are some… Doordarshan documentary type educational videos… phew!!!

On drivetrain:

On Safety:

On Charging:

It is always so agonizing when they go on about “Revive Techonology”… arre baba agar gadi band ho gaya toh… breakdown vehicle (tow truck) call karte hai… yesterday… today and even 100 yrs in future… forget explaining this 10% extra charge shit thingy… because the next question of a customer will always be “agar yeh bhi khatam, tho phir kya?”

Then finally they REVIEW their own car… lol… and give top 10 reasons to buy it… and … and the NO.1 reason to buy the car is “because it doesn’t have tailpipe”… FUCK… even I wouldn’t buy it for being “tailpipe-less”…

WTF…Diesel cars are still around, petrol cars even more so, especially by Mahindra more Coal is being burned than ever before, poisonous chemical are used for farming, rain water is channeled into sea instead of first saving into ground, plastic bags are is still being used… in this poisonous environment who is Mahindra (a company who is singularly focused on Diesel car) to teach me about “clean environment” and emissions?

Mahindra could have said “it doesn’t use petrol so it saves Rs 100,000 (US$1,470) per year” (50km daily travel) would have woken up any layman from slumber… but Mahindra will always remain Mahindra…. and screw themselves…. none of the 10 points mention are attractive… even to me… the way it is presented.

Its like a bunch of kids are making a video for their college science project called “Electric car”.

The statement “charge at home” is amateurish and less powerful than in your face “does not require petrol” even though both mean the same thing. It is easy for a layman who doesn’t understand about petrol cars to miss the point in the first statement.

If Mahindra is expecting these videos to get them sales… it is very, very, very high expectations to say the least… but Mahindra do not want these vehicles to succeed! Most probably Mahindra is secretly praying that this electric fad will fade away…lol

A much better review would be the below video:

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