People prefer familiar corruption over unfamiliar progress…

Well done AAP for getting 20 seats in Punjab even though people preferred corrupt govt over honest governance.

We have been ruled for over 200 yrs by corrupt government and their corrupt laws (like the Indian Forrest Act, Indian Land Acquisition Act, Taxation laws… why even Tax on salt exists). So we are really afraid how a honest government will function. Some of my educated friends have said only a corrupt government can rule India “properly” and we know which party they voted for.

What was the good performance for which the party got their votes? Whether it is the BJP or Congress where ever it won. Or was there something that was more “important” than the performance of the government that was voted in?

This was exactly the same attitude during the Bitish rule and true today. There were many Indians who preferred the British rule and the rule of Aurangazeb.There were many Indians who preferred to see their king defeated against an Invader. It might seem shocking today… but that is exactly how the Mohammed Gori, British & Aurangazeb were able to capitalize and defeat superior local army. They were able to capitalize on a few corrupt people.

The questions of progress are never asked… it is so well brought out in Swades

The tiny kingdom and a king… of little fame, Infact India would not have known about Porus if not for Alexander’s adventrue. Whether Porus won or lost is not the question but what was sad was that King Porus had to face the invading Alexander whose army was made up of multiple forces all on his own. Neighbouring king Ambhi instead of supporting Porus sent support by way of money, elephants, horses and army to the invader.

Exactly the same was followed by Scindia Raje family’s that today rules Rajastan under BJP and who had given in writing that she is not an Indian (exposed by Arunab Goswami during the Lalit Modi escaping scandal). The then scindia raje had tricked Rani of Jhansi Laxmibai with treachery by going back on his promise of support and instead gave support to British with army, arms and wealth to defeat Jhansi ki Rani Laxmibai.

Similarly no neighboring king supported Prithivraj Chauhan to fight Mohammed Gor because they wanted to see him defeated especially his father in law. Sambaji Raje was tricked by his brother-in-law’s treachery who preferred handing him to Aurangazeb and being ruled by Aurangazeb than by Marathas.

Why even the Great Shivaji who could single handly withstand the Mughal might at its peak was not accepted by Brahmins to be corronated as a king to rule over them because they wanted to rule by proxy. None could kill Shivaji other than being poisoned by his wife.

File:1931 Flag of India.svg

The main part of Indian Flag designed by Pingali Venkayya (who was given the go ahead by Gandhi) was the Charka the symbol of Khadi which united hundred of Indian languages, scripts, religion, terrain and cultures into a single national thread not only symbolically but also as an Industry. This charka was removed from our flag 1 month before Independence and replaced with Ashoka chakra which had nothing at all to do with Freedom Struggle!!!

Till Independence day Gandhi was very much “required” and so was his “khadi and charka” once independence was near and in sight even the Mahatma Gandhi was sidelined and his charka was thrown out of “Indian” Flag. And now they say the wheel in the flag is Ashoka chakra which is a complete lie and had nothing to do with the freedom struggle… also note the chaRka & chakRa wordplay… this is Indian politics… or people’s attitude to side with the bigger power irrespective whether it is good or bad…

on a side note –  the importance of Charka was that it was the last true Indian innovation and the starting step towards mechanization which the British took to Manchester from India and did not allow Indians to get into mechanization. A very high quality of finished product (cloth) could be made at home when hand spun with charka. This is because manually a person could increase the number of spin on the thread much more than it is possible by a machine and thus make the cloth finer, thinner and better especially when organic cotton is used. Most of the Khadi available today is  not only uses genetically modified cotton but also is machine spun and thus coarse. The next big innovation happened around 200 yrs later by Chetan Maini in electric car and later on by Ather/Tork in scooters. By comparison even the progress made by IT, Telecommunications, satellites & Polyester king Ambani’s Reliance is very minuscule compared to Charka & EV because the equipment used were not local/Indian. Indian machine made clothing industry was a very lucrative business for Khadi to survive and it was convenient and a must for many people even for Congress that Gandhi & Khadi to be sidelined.

All this can happen only in a country where 50% of the population have no access to electricity or information due to illiteracy and even for those educated lack of Internet connectivity.

People have lived all their life standing in queue, getting substandard infrastructure  and paying bribe at each corner that all this has become a part of their life. They are petrified of this situation changing. People today consider bribe as something that cannot be avoided.. its like a kind of tax that one has to pay while getting a government service. All Government departments have their own bribe culture some call it “bakshish” other call it “gift” or “upar ka” and it runs in all departments the police, officials, RTO, teachers, hospital staff, municipal staff or a government official for getting some documents or services.

This newspaper report says two thirds of Indians have to pay bribe which is the highest in the Asia Pacific Survey and possibly in the world!

Politicians can get away by making empty promises… nobody even dare ask their government or municipality head how much work has been done  or the following questions:

  • How many areas have been cleaned your area?
  • How many new schools have been built to accommodate the annual increase in local population?
  • How many new colleges have been built to accommodate those passing out from schools?
  • How many skill education centres were built for those failing to passout?
  • Why commerce graduates are unable or incapable of starting businesses/services?
  • Why engineers are unable to start engineering/manufacturing companies and instead prefer to look for jobs?
  • How many pot holes have been repaired on the roads per month?
  • How many houses are getting 24 hrs electricity
  • How many houses are getting 24hrs water?
  • Why there is no huge infrastructure for treatment of sewage in spite of having so much huge population? This would have created lot of biogas.
  • What was the increase in biogas production facilities over last year?
  • How many buildings have been covered by solar panels last year?
  • Why petrol prices are not Rs 25?  why gas prices is not Rs 15 in spite of world crude prices falling?
  • Why have the Govt gone back on their promise of letting market decide petrol price and the Govt will not intervene especially when the prices are dropping?
  • Why diesel cars are being run in spite of these being most polluting?
  • Why cities do not have areas where vehicles are banned?
  • Why cycle culture is not being encouraged at least in certain areas in cities?
  • Why are villages not being developed?
  • Why Roof Top solar for houses not being encouraged?
  • Why more cities are being created?
  • Why all water campaigns are focused on tap water and not to save to ground water?
  • If Govt talks about saving water then how many ground water harvesting systems have been developed in last year?… last 10yrs?
  • Why Electric cars are not being bought by Govt for their local use?
  • Why mining companies are polluting the forests?
  • Why the quality of Govt School is so bad in spite of paying good salary?

No body will dare to ask these questions from their existing government. These are considered panic questions that will set in panic with the respondents. These questions are not part of ANY discussion groups. Not even those groups who discuss this over vodka or whiskey or even tea or coffee.  Will these questions even interest the layman? These are the questions that will change the country! But sadly none of the media or people is asking these questions.

People live their lives in abject darkness… only managing to move by feeling the wall… and listening to what their “elders” who are ahead of them or even behind them in the queue say.

And finally my heartfelt condolences for those who voted for INC because of its leader the one and only papu RaGa! A person who do not know where he stands in his own party…

The difference between US & India is that US has completed kicked out colonial mindset, laws, vehicle driving rules, even their calculation yardstick and spellings. They do everything the opposite of the British. While we in India still are completely obsessed with everything Victorian… we are still wrapped in the colonial coat, hat, walking stick, colonial schools, queens language and mindset… we in fact feel proud being in it… without it we feel we are nothing… without it we feel we lost our “identity” or “progress”.

Like the line goes in the movie Swades “Hum sab ek doosre ko dosh de rahe hai; jab ki sachchai yeh hai ki; hum sab hi doshi hai…” and we will have to blame our own selves unless we are able to ask these questions not only to our elders but also to politicians who were voted into power by us!!!


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