Chinese man makes 200km range E-car

Chinese man makes a 200km range, 50km top speed Electric Car that runs on solar panels, seats two and even has scissor doors! Not only that the seats can be pulled down like a bed to sleep on and it even has an electric cooker to cook food! A complete camping vehicle.

Wang Yongzhi, 64, is a veteran in… EVs and this is his 4th vehicle in the last 5 yrs. He is currently waiting for 12 national patents for the vehicle.. Currently he is going around exploring & sight seeing the whole of China with his wife Zhang Shuyan. It takes five days from my city to Dalian by this car. The car takes care of eating, sleeping and transporting during the tour. It was made for old people to travel.”

The two-seater vehicle can also use gas as a backup power.

Zhang Shuyan, says “After he made the car, we have travelled to several places in it. The first stop is Dalian. During the trip, we’ve received a lot of admiration from people.”

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