India to become 100% e-vehicle nation by 2030: Piyush Goyal

The government is working on a scheme to provide electric cars on zero down payment for which people can pay out of their savings on petrol & maintenance, for becoming 100% electric vehicle nation by 2030.

India could become the first country of its size to run 100% of its vehicles on battery. This programme will be self financing and there need not be one rupee support from the government nor one rupee investment from the people of India as per power minister Piyush Goyal at an event organised by CII Young India here.

Electric cars can be given for zero down payment and… people can pay the EMI from the savings of paying for petrol. Innovation is possible, it just needs an open mind. You need to think of scale and be honest. The minister informed that a small working group under the leadership of road minister Nitin Gadkari has been created with oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan and environment minister Prakash Javadekar on its Board.

He said, “We are meeting in first week of April and see (if) India can be 100%on electric vehicles by 2030. We are trying to see if we can monetise the savings then you will have to use cheaper electricity for charging your cars.”

“We are thinking of scale. We are thinking of leading the world rather than following the world. India will be first largest country in the world to think of that scale.” Goyal cited the example of LED lights where through the bulk tendering, the government has been able to reduce the procurement price of these bulbs to Rs 64.41 in January this year from the market rate of Rs 310 in February 2014.

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