Electric Car – India & 2025 impact

We have tried to put together a video to simplify the understanding of an electric car, what it is and how it works?

Its so easy that OS Vehicle is a street legal (slow speed) electric vehicle available to be ordered online to your doorstep. The best thing about it is it can be assembled by anybody in 1 hour. You can even modify it as you want and add seating, cargo-cart, hybrid features or exterior or safety features to it.

Wonder if there will be a Indian company that will try something like this?

The deadline of 2025 is fast approaching and the Petrol/Diesel vehicles you drive today will not be worth scrap value then. The death of diesel will happen even before 2020! So make sure your next vehicle will be an electric vehicle.

The Indian Govt too has highlighted this fact by ensuring that the switch to electric is smooth and there are no complaints by offering ZERO DOWN-PAYMENT and EMI lower thats 1/3rd of your refueling cost. The Govt has targeted as 2030 as 100% Electric vehicle Year.


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