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We have moved our YouTube Page

In case you have not noticed… we have moved our YouTube Page to:

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Uber – World’s greatest SCAM!

In this video we have brought to light the many unethical practices used by UBER to cheat both Riders (passengers) & Drivers. We have found 7 ways by which UBER cheats… from taking its share of money from Sales instead of taking it from Profit, calling driver’s loss (due to reduced prices) as “incentives”, straight away refusing to pay the “incentive” in spite of doing the required trips and accepting “ALL ride-requests”, creating artificial surge to increase income, etc.

The fact is Uber can increase the fare and earn same income but prefers to let the driver to earn less so as to keep him on the roads “AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE” like a SLAVE.

If you know an UBER driver pass this clip on to him or explain to him about this… ask him his opinion… you could help him from going into debt! If you are using UBER I humbly request you to shift to Meru cabs which is much better and gives similar service. Meru Cabs have a flat per km charge without any Surge price. If in your area you don’t have Meru Cabs take the traditional Taxi… he will really appreciate it. There are many digital ways to pay your cab today. Don’t let your people fall into slavery!

Don’t waste your time at Mahindra Baja!

To all the Engineering students signed up or gearing up to compete in 2018 Mahindra Baja there is just one advice from our side – just don’t bother with Mahindra Baja!… Unfortunately many of them would give a hand and a leg to work for Mahindra… even if it is some boring job.

Mahindra Baja 2018

Mahindra Baja 2018

There are many reasons NOT to do BAJA… Continue reading

Dairy Management – Its unhealthy to stall feed the cows

Most of the time fodder is got by mechanized mowing of the grass or leftover crops. Then it is chopped into bits and given to the cattle. But hidden inside these grass lie dangerous weeds.

There are many plants which… Continue reading

Petrol Pumps to be closed on Sundays!

First nail just sank into the coffin of Petrol & Diesel cars – Beginning 14 May, petrol pumps in eight states will be closed on Sundays following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to conserve oil, a fuel pump owners’ body said in Chennai on Tuesday.

The decision to close petrol pumps on Sundays was made in view of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call during his recent ‘mann ki baat’ programme to conserve oil to save the environment. Photo: Mint

There are people still in disbelief that Government cannot ban Petrol & Diesel vehicles. Well they might not exactly ban these vehicles but they will start making life more difficult for owners of these vehicles… things like this will escalate pretty soon in the next 8 years till a complete ban is imposed by 2025.

“We had planned to… Continue reading

Tata Nano & the magic of CNG – Nano eMax

Tata Nano eMax is a CNG car that will give about 50% extra mileage than any petrol car in the world! The fuel of Tata Nano eMax cost about 50% lesser than the cost of Petrol for every single liter consumed! Tata Nano eMax is also the lowest priced CNG car anywhere in the world.

These three factors combine to give… Continue reading

Suzuki & Toshiba to Make in India – Lithium Batteries

Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toshiba Corporation and Denso Corporation – have agreed to form a joint venture company for production of automotive lithium-ion battery packs in India.

In India a new CO2 standards for automobiles… Continue reading