Mahindra E2O Plus – Review

The world is moving towards banning Petrol & Diesel for all vehicles by the year 2025. The use of Electric vehicles are becoming more real than ever before. India has 2 good electric cars in E2O & E2O Plus. The cost of travelling in these cars are as cheap as travelling by a motocycle. Since this car does not use Petrol or Diesel (which are very expensive and harmful fuel)… you can save as much as Rupees 1 Lakh a year on fuel cost…especially if you drive a total distance of 100kms.

The maths is very simple… to recharge this “E2O Plus” P8-version car you will need just Rs 100 and you get 140km range. Most people travel within this range.

140kms with a petrol car will… cost you Rs 490 or say Rs 500 … that to if you have a car with a mileage of 20kmpl. It would 7ltrs of petrol which will cost you Rs 490 or say Rs 500.

In one day E2O can save Rs 400…

in 365 days it can save 365 x Rs400 = Rs 1.46 Lakh. Thus this car can recover its cost in 6 to 7 years!

The Car has good head room and comfortably seats 4 tall people. The boot space has been increased to match the Alto’s boot. Rear seats can be folded down to extensively increase the available boot space. The car also has a very small turning radius of 4.3 meters. This is bettered only by the Tata-Nano at 4 meters. This helps you to zig-zag in and out of the traffic blocks, park easily and drive through congested lanes with ease. All this makes it a awesome City Car!


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