Ola cabs switching to Electric Taxi…soon!

Ola, the Indian smartphone & app based taxi hailing firm is preparing to jump to the next level of “taxi-ing” with electric vehicles.

Ola will test out a few thousand electric vehicles in… several Indian cities in 2017 and if things go well OLA will scale it up in a major way. We at PlugInCaroo have already reviewed Electric vehicles as the best taxi cars because they are very low cost. See the post here.

The Kilometer cost of every ev is as much at it cost you for per km on your motorcycle… but better than the motorcycle there is no service or maintenance requried.

This would be the first Taxi company to invest in setting up charging stations in the pilot cities, he said, without saying how much Ola would invest in its electrification drive.

Uber is sure to miss this “bus” or lets say Taxi… because Uber would never invest in vehicles in ANY country other than US and they are also reconsidering owning vehicles(because it is just not feasible considering the dirt cheap taxi rates resulting from their own price war).

In the next few weeks the first wave of electric vehicles under Ola’s pilot scheme, including two-wheelers, rickshaws and cars, will roll out in the southern state of Telangana and Nagpur city in central India…. and its sure to be a big hit!

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