Farming with Zero Cost – the power of Zero!

In India chemical fertilizers sell a lot… those that we call Urea, DAP, Superphosphate… and chemical pesticides… those that we call Endosalfan, Malathion, Parathion, Benzenehexachloride. These are the products where the profit of the farmers are lost the most. Every year (recorded in year 2008) the Indian farmers together spend 4,80,000 Crores on these chemicals and this is completely avoidable expense.

If you put this in perspective… the amount is so huge that it can make 685 super hit Hindi movies EVERY YEAR like Dangal (2016) which was made with a budget of Rs 70 Crores.


Or even make 295 super hit Hollywood movies like Captain America: Civil War (2016) which was made with a budget of US$ 250 million or Rs 1,600 crores.

The health and related fallout together with this above figures total about Rs 14,00,000 crores EVERY SINGLE YEAR.


This is the money that the citizen of the country loose every year.

All this has been because farmers have been misguided by various “Agricultural & Husbandry Institutes” of the country which were funded with the objective to destroy a country’s economic capacity by destroying its roots – Agriculture.

Chemical vs Organic or Natural Farming Yield

Chemical vs Organic or Natural Farming Yield

If Japan is renowned for producing the best electronics, Germany for Cars, Switzerland for watches, Finland for Nokia, Brazil & Argentina for football players, China for Use & Throw goods, etc why cannot India produce the most sought after natural/organic Agricultural, Diary, Meat & Poultry products in the world?

               Water_in_the_country_over_the_years_1961-2050_estimated    Earthworm - farmers friend

And for the first time to be the best… the cost is Zero… well almost zero…

Most farmers enter  dairy, poultry or agriculture farming with a view to make big bucks… make millions overnight… they are even encouraged to start with 15 cows with a view to grow to 100 cows. So big investment, mechanization, manpower, etc  and to get this he falls hook, line and sinker for the “subsidies” & “loans” trap laid out in front of him.

These subsidies and loans are offered by Govt/Banks in a systemic way perfected over years to not only trap their victims but also for the victim to be “led” to such a situation where they can be controlled and milked by the government with the precision of the milking parlous in the modern dairy industry.

Today most farmers are feeling helpless – they have been brainwashed and led to do large scale single crop Chemical Farming, Cross Bred Jersey/HF Dairy, Broiler Poultry & Genetically Improved fish farming. It is so strange that rarely will you find a farmer involved directly in all 3 or 4. When the fact is all are completely interlinked and it is difficult to do one without the other.


They keep approaching the Government for Water, Electricity, Seed and pretty soon they will approach the government or even cow dung… since they cannot have water and electricity & water they will not have animals so… Government will set up a Department of Cow dung and later on a committee on cow dung to review its progress.

Honestly those practicing agriculture, dairy, poultry etc do not know head not tail of anything in their industry. Its like monkey-see-monkey-do they do not even ask themselves “What am I doing? Why am I doing this? What will be the outcome? Is there any other way?”

Don’t believe me? Go to any farmer and ask him the below. Not only do they not know the answer but they strongly BELIEVE their knowledge is the COMPLETE truth… and there is nothing to even consider that anything else might even be possible.

Farmers do not know the difference between:

  1. Heirloom seeds, hi-breed seeds, GM-seeds.
  2. Which cow they have? and What are the features of a cow? or What is the features of a good cow?
  3. What is the qualitative difference between Jersey/HF cow and Indian cow?
  4. What is the qualitative difference between broiler chicken and country chicken?

Most people will think this is due to their lack of education. Its got nothing to do with lack of education or school. These people although ignorant about the above 4 questions have very good knowledge about medicinal plants & herbs.

The truth is that information of these 4 questions which form the central columns of their livelihood has been hidden from them. And whatever information existed about the topic has been cleverly erased or destroyed by moving farming community away from farming during the 100 yrs of East India Company (EIC) & 100 yrs of British Raj rule. The trend of leaving the villages and moving to the cities started by EIC continues almost at the same scale even today!

If the scale continues then by 2050 a very high part (80%) of the population of India move to the existing cities or new cities will encroach into village and forest land. This will result in India having to import not OIL but genetically modified pesticide sprayed or even artificial Wheat, Rice, Milk & Sugar most probably from CHINA!!!

The most lucrative business in 2050 will be Healthcare because almost everybody will have some major disease from a very young age after eating such unhealthy GM food.

In such times no longer will countries need armies to turn people into slaves… depending on for food… and timely medicines!!!

All this can be avoided by following the Zero Cost Farming method, starting a small, 1 acre, 2 cow, 5 country chickens, 1 Pond, own electricity & non-fossil transportation. The chances of multiplying the above or its value by 20 is kind of guaranteed in 10 years time.

That’s the power of ZERO!


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