Tata Nano & the magic of CNG – Nano eMax

Tata Nano eMax is a CNG car that will give about 50% extra mileage than any petrol car in the world! The fuel of Tata Nano eMax cost about 50% lesser than the cost of Petrol for every single liter consumed! Tata Nano eMax is also the lowest priced CNG car anywhere in the world.

These three factors combine to give… its owner significant savings in money over any other type of automobile… ever!


In case you tend to carry more luggage then there is always the roof top luggage rack which can be installed as an aftermarket accessory.


As far as safety is concerned the car is far safer than any scooter or motorcycle. The operating cost of the CNG Tata Nano is also same as a motorcycle or scooter. There is also an automatic version of the Tata Nano CNG.


Nano eMax is a Bi-fuel car so in places CNG is not available you can use petrol. Petrol & Diesel cars will be banned worldwide after 2025.

6 reasons

Those who use petrol & diesel cars will have to pay penalty/tax after this time. You can even use biogas to run this car!So make sure your next car is either CNG or Electric car.

Nano CNG Switch

Tata Nano topless

Cute Tata Nano topless cars in Sanand

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