Don’t waste your time at Mahindra Baja!

To all the Engineering students signed up or gearing up to compete in 2018 Mahindra Baja there is just one advice from our side – just don’t bother with Mahindra Baja!… Unfortunately many of them would give a hand and a leg to work for Mahindra… even if it is some boring job.

Mahindra Baja 2018

Mahindra Baja 2018

There are many reasons NOT to do BAJA… But first lets see what is the objective of Baja – its NOTHING AT ALL. You guys will be wasting your precious money and much important than that…YOUR TIME (time is always more important than money).

The reasons not to take part in it are:
1. Mahindras are STUCK IN 1976 as their objective clearly says”…The philosophy hasn’t changed since the event’s birth back in 1976″ although the technology and safety rules have moved on…
2. Mahindra do not build ATV… (in India but import it from USA) nor do they sell ATVs  in India so the whole purpose of the event and the statement “…the teams still need to build a simple all-terrain vehicle for recreation purpose…” is just a waste of HUGE amount of student’s money down the drain (more than 10 crores will be spent by the students, collectively, every year… what a waste!).
With this money, combined, the students could have started 1 automobile startup company EVERY YEAR!
Its a single seat car.
The principles and dynamics used in building it do not apply to normal 5seater or 8 seater vehicles. Your knowledge and understanding of building it are of no use to Mahindra or for yourself if you plan on building 5 or 8 seater vehicles.
Building Petrol/Diesel powered ATVs and Go-Karts are just a waste of money and more importantly time. Mahindra gets much more out of the Event (publicity) than it gives you… in exposure or job opportunities or both.
3. The event has become an advertisement for the Education Institutions who do not even bother to showcase the winning CAR!!! Nor do they state anything about why it won, what was its timing, speed etc on their website. So every years the students go through the same motions creating almost identical vehicles which are also similar to earlier years’ vehicles… and then dumping it after the end of the project.
The teams are judged basically on:
Virtual Round:  a) Knowledge of the rule book, b) Design of the vehicle, c) Project plan, d) Design methodology and e) Design evaluation plain
Static tests: i) cost, ii) aesthetics and iii) quality of the fabrication.
Dynamic tests: i) acceleration, ii) braking, iii) maneuverability iv) hill climb test…. and finally the…
Endurance race.
4. These events have not even created A SINGLE STARTUP YET!
5. They are studying and building EXTINCT TECHNOLOGY!!! It has already been agreed in PARIS to end Coal, PETROL & DIESEL useage… in ALL countries by 2025!!! Countries who do not will be given a very heavy penalty which will be passed on as Pollution Tax to the vehicle user.
6. This Baja Project money is better spent doing some other project that will solve some problem in their locality, at least the students will learn how to solve problems.
Engineering Colleges should use projects to tackle local problems using low cost solutions. So that the money will  be useful… not only for the society but also for the students and make their minds work towards “problem solving” rather than “job seeking”.
(Dont depend upon our PM to do everything for us… )
Every student involved will have to spend around 5 to 10 Lakhs rupees. There is a great chance that the students money will be well used if they put that amount of money collectively (10 students x 5Lakh = 0.5 cr making 4 groups in one college can generate 2Cr.) to solve some genuine problems outside or near their college like:
  • Solving power cuts using solar panels and LED lights in poor people’s houses.
  • Solving water shortage by water harvesting into already existing Ground Well
  • Small footprint tractor or electric tractor…
  • Making and selling their own electric ATV is another example.
  • India has one of the biggest coastline among all countries. Making and selling electric aluminum-hull-catamaran boats would make boating much more safer, silent, soothing & tourist friendly. India had multiple boat-tilting accidents killing tourists (such a shame)… this will solve that problem for ever. Using solar panels could also make the boats go on FOREVER.
  • Making electric 3 wheelers & cars both capable of carrying minimum 8 people have tremendous scope in a populous country like India….and making it below 40kmph speed using low cost battery (Lead acid) enables you to sell it directly to customers without any approvals, license or red tape eg (OpenSourceVehicle).
  • Making electric two wheelers below 40kmph speed with low cost Lead Acid battery can be sold directly online and delivered to his doorstep by courier/cargo!!!
  • Biogas cars with rectangle biogas cylinder on the roof of car is one of the safest way to use the clean fuel vehicle. Today they place the tank inside and under the vehicle both of which is unsafe. Any petrol car can be converted to this. Placing the fuel on the roof makes it safe in case of a leak the gas being lighter empties into the air. This is Zero cost fuel only the car and the asthetic biogas cylinder design will require cost input.
  • Installing paid electric car charge points between cities will also become a huge million dollar market in 13 short yrs by 2030.
  • Turning garbage into fuel & fertilisers.Turning plastic waste into road pothole filler or even road pavers
  • Turning plastic waste into building blocks to make walls for hutments or temporary houses.
  • Turning plastic waste into catamaran boats.These are all unexplored virgin territory with HUGE INCOME OPPORTUNITY.
Forget all of this… even if the students could start an organic farm with a collective budget of 1 to 2 Crore they will surely earn much more than what they will earn or learn from Engineering. All of them have enough brains and resources to learn how to do it in a month!
A huge 1billion population Indian market exist and the demand also exist. All they need to figure out is… how to link the supply to the demand in an economical way. Many Doctors, MBA-ians and IIT’ians are coming back to farming and succeeding at it.
There is no need for all or even a single friend to join you… you got to walk a path on your own sometimes…. or many times… Steve Jobs is a good example.
Indian automobile industry is in a redefining stage and it is going to set the standard in Electric Automobiles. For the first time in the last 200 yrs Indian Automobile sector is moving AHEAD of Western or European Automobile Industry.
If you are anyway involved in automobiles you have to GOT TO MOVE into the Electric Automobile sector as this is where the BIG BANG action is going to be… and Mahindra is NOT the leader and there is no big reason to follow Mahindra although Mahindra and Tata are good options. Chetan Maini was the leader… but he exited the Industry, at least in creating EVs but he is around as a Consultant.
World Electric Industry is waiting for a newbie company to stake claim to be a leader in Electric Vehicle… will you be the one? Tesla is also NOT the leader nor does it have a vision… although Elon Musk has very expensive toys and fancy-full ideas… else every celebrity would be riding a Tesla!
Doctors should heal, Teachers should teach and Engineers should develop economical solutions to technical problems. Engineer’s work is to link scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet societal and consumer needs.
Its sad if the so called best in India from the so called best institutes has to offer himself for employment to the biggest bidder. To get himself be bought by cash? Is he unable to create anything or solve any problem by himself?…at least by age 30?…by age40?
If you have studied at the “best Institute” in India it’s a shame if you have to offer yourself to the highest bidder (for employment).
If you cannot find anything that you can startup with your education… if you think this is not for you… or you are confused what to do… before you take up a job… at least take a year off… go to the village and help with organic farming… (they will always appreciate a free hand, and you goddamn need a break… to take time off… its a break you have earned). Unlike other industries or corporate office you will love it every single day and give you ample exercise and sunlight to keep you healthy. At the end of it all you get healthy food which no money can buy. Join India’s biggest Industry… the Agriculture Industry… an Industry that India dominates like a boss since time immemorial… even today… so join it just for 1 year… join an Industry which dominated the world throughout centuries and will also continue dominating….
Unlike in other Industries… in agriculture India is the TOP producer of ALL agricultural products. If its not the top in some products it is in the top five for that product. All this is in spite of LACK of Govt support and yet it supplies food for the entire world! Subsidies for fertilizers and equipment, tools and machinery do NOT help the farmer but it helps the fertilizer and equipment manufacturers to sell it to the farmers.
You will surely find something to learn, a lot to unlearn and much to contribute… irrespective whether you are a Chemical, Mechanical, Electronic, Electric or Civil Engineer!
You will be able to implement LIFE CHANGING principles & actions for yourself, for your parents, for society and your Country as a whole. Nothing on this scale is remotely possible even if you join companies like Microsoft, Google,  Facebook or even Apple!
You guys should not be competing against each other FOR Mahindra trophy… but join forces to screw Mahindra by developing your own electric or biogas vehicle. Else they will screw you guys… asking silly questions… on some silly parameters and frustrate you guys on these non-existant vehicles that will never be used by them or by anybody.
Make something like this:
Mahindra has been completely clueless about creating, developing and marketing 8 seater Electric SUV… show them how to do it… and there is no need to sell it to them like Chetan Maini did. Question your mind, search for the answers… but don’t do projects looking for a job…
It was the same kids who were your age in college that started companies like Microsoft, Apple Facebook, Google, Uber… They started out as solving problems their society were facing… Steve Jobs & Steve Woz started their blue box phone caller because local and ISD calls were expensive at that time… Google started because searches didn’t get what they were searching at that time… their problems then were different than what our problems are today. We have to solve our problems FIRST.
Your goals should NOT be “Joining Google” but should have been CREATING some better product or services than GOOGLE or FACEBOOK whether it is in IT or elsewhere doesn’t mattter!!! Finding easy solution for fixing the pothole on the Indian roads are also million dollar business. Or helping the village farmer sell his products online, turning plastic into diesel, or building plastic bricks for small house construction, etc.
It will also be much better and fruitful than ending up in a BPO cubical working the graveyard shift!!!

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