Uber – World’s greatest SCAM!

In this video we have brought to light the many unethical practices used by UBER to cheat both Riders (passengers) & Drivers. We have found 7 ways by which UBER cheats… from taking its share of money from Sales instead of taking it from Profit, calling driver’s loss (due to reduced prices) as “incentives”, straight away refusing to pay the “incentive” in spite of doing the required trips and accepting “ALL ride-requests”, creating artificial surge to increase income, etc.

The fact is Uber can increase the fare and earn same income but prefers to let the driver to earn less so as to keep him on the roads “AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE” like a SLAVE.

If you know an UBER driver pass this clip on to him or explain to him about this… ask him his opinion… you could help him from going into debt! If you are using UBER I humbly request you to shift to Meru cabs which is much better and gives similar service. Meru Cabs have a flat per km charge without any Surge price. If in your area you don’t have Meru Cabs take the traditional Taxi… he will really appreciate it. There are many digital ways to pay your cab today. Don’t let your people fall into slavery!

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