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Mahindra EV – 400km Range… coming soon!

Automaker Mahindra & Mahindra plans to ramp up production of its electric vehicles to 5,000 units a month by mid-2019 from 400 units currently… and will invest in making batteries that enable cars to run for 400 kilometres on a single charge, managing director Pawan Goenka said.

(We at PIC (PlugInCaroo) feel that 200kms for a car is the right balance of range, charging-time & price. On the other hand to charge a 400km car would take about 18 hrs which is just Crazy Crazy Crazy idea and of course almost double the price of the vehicle).

Mahindra seems to have sold only 2,700 vehicles since, including the e2o small car and eVerito sedan (eVerito was never offered for sales in the first place only offered to some taxi company on a pilot project).

It is also planning an electric 3 wheeler to be released in August 2017, a 32 seater bus and an SUV in a couple of years.

This has come amidst the news that M&M exited from Britan. This exit makes perfect sense and it was excellent by M&M to make this quick decision because M&M was eying the Europe Market and not the tiny UK market.  Britan exiting the Euro was a huge  setback to Mahindra.

Mahindra finally seems to have decided for good that EVs are feasible in India… and India is going to be their focal market. Rise Mahindra Rise… and meet the challenge of EVs in India.



Chetan Maini is back – Version 2.0

Welcome back Chetan… India needs you…

Version 1.0 was the man who gave the World its first popular electric car, the G-Wiz. He is BACK… he is now looking to make batteries & to make charging  more affordable in India.

Maini’s new venture Virya Mobility 5.0 is looking to build modular batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) that can be swapped out quickly at stations similar to today’s petrol bunks. The company’s battery as a service model could help reduce the initial cost of buying EVs by as much as 50 per cent.

“While the cost of an…  Continue reading

Expect dramatic shift in Indian EV Market… by yesterday!

Yep… not tomorrow… cause tomorrow already has become yesterday… that’s the pace the Indian Govt seems to be working… at least on Paper.

Looks like PM Modi has some issues to settle with Elon Musk… for not taking his offer to Make in India. If India get this done… Elon could well become bankrupt… (ISRO already has half of Elon’s Pie).

As per the plan on paper India could have govt battery plant and battery swapping and charging stations by 2018… Gigawatt size plant by 2020… and all diesel and petrol vehicles will be “DEMONITIZED” by 2032!… lol that woke up a lot of sleeping petrol heads… Wake up guys… the petrol/diesel car you buy today will become JUNK in 5 years time.

For a govt that could demonetize 80% of a country’s currency overnight… this would be a walk in the park…

The recommendations in a draft report…
by Niti Aayog, the planning body headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has recommended around 17 MAJOR DISRUPTIVE ideas like… Continue reading

Hub Motors must be banned

Hub motors are the most in-efficient way of using electric motors. China has been notorious for using Hub motors in all its 2 wheelers in e-cycles & e-scooters. It is the most easiest and simplest to use, all one got to do is remove the front wheel and replace it with the Hub-motor-wheel and fix the controller plus battery and you are ready to go. It is available from Rs 10,000 to 20,000 for the entire kit add Rs 1,000 for shipping to your doorstep!

Hub Motors must be banned

Hub motors are ok to be used in toys, school science projects and by amateurs. But selling it installed in scooters and… Continue reading