Expect dramatic shift in Indian EV Market… by yesterday!

Yep… not tomorrow… cause tomorrow already has become yesterday… that’s the pace the Indian Govt seems to be working… at least on Paper.

Looks like PM Modi has some issues to settle with Elon Musk… for not taking his offer to Make in India. If India get this done… Elon could well become bankrupt… (ISRO already has half of Elon’s Pie).

As per the plan on paper India could have govt battery plant and battery swapping and charging stations by 2018… Gigawatt size plant by 2020… and all diesel and petrol vehicles will be “DEMONITIZED” by 2032!… lol that woke up a lot of sleeping petrol heads… Wake up guys… the petrol/diesel car you buy today will become JUNK in 5 years time.

For a govt that could demonetize 80% of a country’s currency overnight… this would be a walk in the park…

The recommendations in a draft report…
by Niti Aayog, the planning body headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has recommended around 17 MAJOR DISRUPTIVE ideas like…

  • lowering taxes on electric vehicles
  • interest rates for loans on electric vehicles,
  • capping sales of conventional cars,
  • limit registration of conventional vehicles through public lotteries
  • suggesting the government to open a battery plant by the end of 2018
  • use tax revenues from the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles to set up charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • to electrifying ALL vehicles in the country by 2032
  • bulk procurement of electric vehicles,
  • building standardized,
  • swappable batteries for two- and three-wheelers
  • having favorable tariff structures for charging cars.
  • 2018 goal – setting up a 250 megawatt per hour battery plant
  • one gigawatt of battery production by 2020
  • battery swapping stations by 2018,
  • common manufacturing facilities for components
  • increasing subsidies on EVs to cost parity with conventional models by 2025.

All this is HUGE by any standards…

The report’s focus solely on electric vehicles and NOT hybrid vehicles – which combine fossil fuel and electric power – and electric cars, and is worrying some automakers like TATA who had wrongly thought this as a “quick solution”

India’s is rightly planning to leapfrog hybrid technology after China announced aggressive measures last year to push sales of plug-in vehicles including subsidies, research funding and rules designed to discourage fossil-fuel cars in big cities.

It’s a VERY radical response by India as it looks to cut its oil import bill to half by 2030 as its commitment to the Paris climate treaty.

India could disrupt World Electric Vehicle Industry on a scale like Uber.

“If we accelerate electric vehicle growth it will be a disruption for the auto sector and would require investment, but if we’re not able to adapt quickly we risk being net importers of batteries,” said a government source involved in the plans. “There has been resistance from car makers.”

Mahindra & Mahindra is the only manufacturer of electric vehicles in India.

The new Niti Aayog report, co-produced with U.S. consultancy Rocky Mountain Institute, outlines a 15-year plan, broken into three phases starting in 2017.

It is the first time that the Government is doing something that is not only much ahead of the curve and industry that even the local automobile market is not able to digest, nor are they interested.

Much will depend upon Indian Automobile & Mechanical Engineers now studying in Universities… If they are willing to think big and how they will take advantage of the technology in the products they will build and sell!

EV is the technology of the young… only the drive and innovation of youth can make it a success!!!

A planning or research paper by ANY Government authority cannot do much!!!


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