Chetan Maini is back – Version 2.0

Welcome back Chetan… India needs you…

Version 1.0 was the man who gave the World its first popular electric car, the G-Wiz. He is BACK… he is now looking to make batteries & to make charging  more affordable in India.

Maini’s new venture Virya Mobility 5.0 is looking to build modular batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) that can be swapped out quickly at stations similar to today’s petrol bunks. The company’s battery as a service model could help reduce the initial cost of buying EVs by as much as 50 per cent.

“While the cost of an…  electric car is more than a conventional car, if you remove the batteries and all the electronics around the batteries, you can bring the cost under control. So EVs could cost the same as gasoline powered ones,” said Chetan Maini, Vice Chairman at

Sun Mobility’s core innovation is a smart that can be fitted into two-wheelers, cars, trucks and busses quickly, serving as a more efficient option to charging these batteries over several hours. Maini says the company will solve the biggest challenges of EVs today – high battery costs, high charge time and limited range.

A 50:50 joint venture between Maini’s Virya Mobility 5.0 and SUN New Energy Systems, the company is looking to run pilots of the system in Bengaluru by January 2019. will partner with OEMs to build vehicles that can accept its battery pack and providers of renewable energy to operate its stations in a truly green way.

Sun’s model will revolve around owning the batteries and essentially charging users for the energy stored within them, similar to how vehicle owners pay for fuel today. The upside for consumers would be that the electricity used to power their cars would cost significantly less than what they pay for fuel today.

“It allows you to have a very quick interchange, faster than what it would take to fill gasoline. It is going to be low-cost, less than what it takes you to fill your tank, and it’s going to be more convenient, being fully digitally enabled,” added Maini.

With 100% of vehicles OF ALL KIND planed to change into EVs within a short span of 10 years the potential is HUGE.

We at PlugInCaroo deduce that Sun would manufacture the batteries and Chetan would set up the charging stations (which could involve swapping, quick charging & normal charging).

PlugInCaroo has always stood by the fact that Battery swapping is not really required. It cannot be made opensource and if at all it is being attempted to be opensourced, there will be multiple companies. This will bring about its own complication because the Battery is almost as expensive as the car. So people might try theft, cheat or trick the customer and again it will bring a bad name for EVs.

While there is a real need to have charging stations between two cities and states it is really over the top to go for battery swapping stations. But its always good to have an option.

The dual MAJOR problems of EVs in India have always been:

  • Zero TV advertisements for EVs and
  • Zero interstate & intercity charging stations.



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