Will India ever ban cow slaughter?

India as a country must stop the commercial slaughter of Cow. One cannot expect England, US or European countries to do it.

Nobody ever prevented people from eating buffalo or goat meat or even imported beef and nobody should be prevented from doing so.

So whats the big deal?

Pharma cos behind cow slaughter support

Pharma companies are the biggest beneficiaries of cow slaughter & Jersey cow. Even if all Dairy shift to Indian cows the market of these companies will fall to 25%

Its really shocking that in India its illegal to kill a stray dog that attacks you while walking on the road… but it is legal to kill a cow! WHY?…

Pharma cos behind cow slaughter support & Stray dog menace

Pharma cos behind cow slaughter support & Stray dog menace

There are many NGO groups funded by pharmaceutical companies supporting the continuance of the menace of stray dogs in India. Prominent among them is Menaka Gandhi who is a Minister from BJP which is now in government.

Image result for menaka gandhi & stray dogs  https://i0.wp.com/www.outlookindia.com/public/uploads/gallery/20150726/dog_kerala20150726_350_630.jpg

                          The hidden supporters of Pharma/Vaccines Companies

Its really shocking that in India its illegal to kill a stray dog that attacks you while walking on the road… but it is legal to kill a cow!


In 2015 the Veterinary Vaccines market was 5.6 billion US Dollars & that’s HUGE…  from 2011 to 2015 in 4 years it grew by 1 billion US Dollars 

It is the Pharmaceutical companies that are trying to block the killing of dogs and at the same time support the killing of cows. India is the biggest market for anti-rabies vaccine.

If a stray dog is killed then demand for rabies injections will fall and that is a big loss for such companies. Menaka Gandhi a BJP minister is herself the biggest single supporter of stray dogs in India. There are many such people and NGOs who benefit from supporting the cause of such pharmaceutical companies in India.



If cow slaughter is banned then Diary Farmers will not keep these inefficient Jersey/HF cow which need a lot of medicines, ceiling fans, sprinklers, mist equipment etc. Diary farmers will start to keep Indian cows and it will be a major loss for these pharmaceuticals.

There are people protesting for the slaughter… and against the slaughter…  and these are people who cannot make out the difference between an Indian Cow and a cross-bred cow… even many of the farmers and diary farmers do not know the difference.


BJP instead of banning jersey/hf cow and the slaughter of Indian cow has mixed the issue with animal rights and made the whole argument even more confusing.

For those people who make the argument that poor “people cannot afford goat meat” should be satisfied by the argument that “poor people have the option of buffalo meat which is also quite popular”.


For those making the “Leather industry will suffer”argument there is always the buffalo or goat  leather.

So in each instance there will be no change nor will anybody’s lively-hood be in danger and people could still eat beef… well buffalo meat or even imported cow meat.

But at least stop the commercial killing of the Indian Cow – the most important animal in Agriculture. The quality of dung and urine of Indian cow is unmatched in its ability to rejuvenate the fields and its  biogas-from-dung potential due to the micro organisms residing in its belly.

Stop Cow slaughter at slaughter - start stray dog slaughter for export to China

For a country that do not understand the difference between their own Cow [which is referred as the kamadhenu (provider of plenty)] and the Jersey/HF Cow the issue of preventing dog slaughter and at the same time encouraging cow slaughter is confusing and complicated.

Jersey-HF Cow rejection by Indian Diary Farmers

Jersey-HF Cow rejection by Indian Diary Farmers

Jersey/HF cow rejection in large numbers by diary farmers have been the main reason for the huge number of cow slaughter in India and these cross bred cows must be banned in India ASAP. In most animals the breeds are kept as pure as possible but strangely only in Dairy are these animals so much cross-bred.

Diary farmers are regularly brainwashed (fooled) into buying cross bred cows by Veterinarians who play a major role in approving the Diary Farmer’s project report for Bank Loan/Subsidy.

Veterinarians, banks, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies benefit a lot when these cross bred cow become frequently sick in hot and humid Indian conditions.

But after 5years when the cows become no longer viable and some cows cannot even stand up on their legs these cows are given away for slaughter.

Why is Govt giving loans for these cross-bred animals in the first place when they themselves say the Indian breeds are much better suited for Indian conditions? When even Indian cows are able to give 20trs of milk in a day?

So on one hand there are schemes encouraging cow slaughter and on the other hand there is a law against dog slaughter… because… both benefit the pharma companies!

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