Dumbos ask “where will electricity for Evs come from?”

Unlike OIL India can generate every single watt of energy required for its car from within the country.

If the car you drive is going to be electric then will not your house be powered by the sun? Meaning will you drive a green car but live in a house that is powered by OIL/GAS/Nuclear?

Many making this argument do not know that every single house is powered by COAL/OIL/GAS or Nuclear energy. Only a few power plant in the country… run on water energy. All of them are more expensive and take more time to build than Solar power plants which takes just days to setup.

These people do not also grasp the fact the petrol pumped into the vehicle is coming from countries thousands of kms away which have been purchased at in dollars which is 68 times more expensive than our Rupee and for which many wars have been fought and continues to this day.

Even if India utilities only 1 source of clean energy like the sun light & solar panels it is sufficient to power every single vehicle in this country.

If all the houses in the country switch to roof top solar, Indian people can easily power their own electric car.

Even if they were to pay to charge their car from other person’s rooftop solar it will be just Rs 100 for 140kms for an E2O. Today every single Indian is paying Rs 700 for 140kms which is more than 7 times that. Bigger cars are paying Rs 1000 for 140kms.

Then there are those dumbos who say battery is polluting and think nothing of 40ltr or 40kg of petrol (carbon) they took out of the earth and put in the atmosphere and in people’s lungs 2 times every single week while a E2O battery will last for 5 years minimum.

Many people do not understand that real work on batteries started just 5 years ago (couple of years after touchscreens & 3G and later 4g became popular and batteries started to become inadequate) and by 2030 this technology will leapfrog unimaginable levels.

Electricity from Solar is just one option there are many which can be used simultaneously like


  • Biogas,
  • Wind Energy,
  • Solar Thermal
  • Sea waves energy
  • River flow energy

Dumbos will still ask… where will all this come from?

Evolution has been generous with weeds and fools…

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