Open Air Hydroponic Fodder Growing system:

500 square feet area can now feed 50 cows!

  • In this system it is easy…to grow hydroponic fodder from by  sprouted grain and legume seeds for highly nutritious yet cost effective livestock feed.
  • A selection of grains and legume seeds are spread onto the specialised growing trays and are watered at per-determined intervals.
  • Each day you simply slide the feed out of the trays, rinse the tray, reseed and push the newly seeded tray into the other end. The system holds enough trays so your desired amount of feed is available everyday.
  • The sprouts grow on the Fodder solutions specially designed sprouting trays with no growing medium.
  • Feed quality barley germinates within 24 hours of seeding. The barley grows in the same tray for 6-days and is ready for harvest as a 15 to 20cm high grass mat.
  • Generally it takes six days to grow from seeding to feed out.  This can vary by 24 hours depending on how well you maintain a consistent temperature inside the system.
  • The sprout mat is completely edible and highly nutritious as it is a living food. The animals will eat the entire mat, roots and green growth so there is no waste.
  • The fodder is good for Cows, Goats, Sheeps, Pigs, Rabbits & even Hens & Ducks.






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