Tork vs Ather vs Gogoro2

Over the past year while Tork and Ather were laying out their factories and probably got buzzed by the sudden and overnight demonetization, Gogoro released Series 2 of their pretty scooter.

Gogoro has paid heed to… the criticism, worked on their weakness and now has a killer electric scooter. It is amazing that they could develop and launch an upgraded version so soon.

Tork vs Ather vs Gogoro

Tork vs Ather vs Gogoro

We have revisited our first ever shootout and analysed them against the Gogoro Series 2 was gobsmacked by the fact that Gogoro has kind of “lapped” Ather. Gogoro 2 has improved in range, top-speed, rear suspensions, wheel base and wheel size. Gogoro 2 is a completely different bike than the version 1.

Gogoro2 specs.png

The biggest change of Gogoro series 2 scooters are their wheel size which has increased from a mere 12 inches to 14 inches on the front and 13 inches on the rear!

Both Tork & Ather are more than 1 year away from their launch date. During this period Gogoro could bring out the Version 3 which could be  a motorcycle design.

1 to 6

The biggest setback for Gogoro probably was that they could not penetrate the European market, but now their price and performance are good enough to be launched in India where more people might buy it than the whole of Europe.

7 to 12

Gogoro right now offers good value for money and has the option of pretty colors for girls and rugged variant for guys.

Tork vs Ather vs Gogoro2 - Results

Tork vs Ather vs Gogoro2 – Results



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